There are Ways to End Financial Trouble – Countrywide Provides the Best Advice


Debt is often a heavy weight to bear. Credit cards are the common means of paying for gifts and the plastic charges double-digit interest. College graduates face loan debt the size of a house mortgage and medical emergencies are expensive.

The debt will cause major stress and anxiety. People will worry and wonder if there is a way out of the mess. Fortunately, there is an opportunity to end financial trouble. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has a financial wellness plan that guides an individual to fiscal sanity.

Advice, Not Sermons

Our program is more than a web page of useful advice. We have certified counselors who are knowledgeable about personal finances. These professionals provide the services a plan member needs.

The assistance solves problems. We do not want the counselors to lecture financial wellness plan members. Many people are embarrassed to ask for help and dread the meeting with the counselor. That fear is not necessary. Empathy, courtesy, and respect are trademarks of Countrywide counselors. They listen to the problems. They will gather information from the plan member and then begin work on issues that are pressing on the person. The results of the efforts are remarkable.

The Financial Wellness Service Is Great!

It is amazing how little many people know about their spending habits. Countrywide counselors examine a person’s income and expenses in a budget analysis. Our professionals will pinpoint bad spending habits, recommend changes, and work to set things right.

Debt can be renegotiated. There is no need to file for bankruptcy or seek loan forbearance automatically. The Countrywide counselor will explain how to prepare information to show creditors and loan officers the reasons for restructuring the debt payment. Bankruptcy law requires a person to have counseling and debt education. Our Debt Management Plan meets those requirements.

It requires the help of a professional to get out of trouble. Countrywide has those people and our counselors are proactive in helping financial wellness plan members. What were once major problems are effectively resolved.

Employers should not write off financial wellness as a boutique benefit. Increasingly, more employees are having fiscal problems and are asking for such assistance. Millennial’s are especially interested in having this kind of benefit. Countrywide has offered employee benefits for over 30 years. Our experience lets us know how to make a benefit more attractive to decision-makers.

We encourage choice. The Countrywide benefit is not a boilerplate take it or leave it product. Employers may choose what options they want to have in their financial wellness plan. It might be help with medical debt, or tips on how to buy a house or what to do when filing for bankruptcy. The decision-makers select those options they feel best serve their unique workforce.

Executives do not want benefits with bureaucracy. Their employees need to get service efficiently and quickly. Countrywide rises to the occasion. Our administration is streamlined and has no unnecessary paperwork. Counselors are in the community and arranging for a meeting is easy to do. The counselors are aware that our plan members must receive priority. We insist these counselors show a mixture of courtesy and respect to everyone.

Financial difficulties should come and go like spring showers, leaving little damage and moving on quickly. That is possible when an organization has the Countrywide financial wellness plan benefit. We seek to end problems that arise and help people prevent the emergencies from coming up later. We are proud of the fact that many people who receive the benefit can better plan budgets and meet expenses. If you have questions about our benefit, please feel free to contact us at your convenience.

We look forward to explaining what we can do for your employees.