Translation can Prevent Litigation

Attorneys know the true meaning of the words

It is popularly known as “legalese” and it can read like a riddle wrapped inside a puzzle. The language of the law can be very confusing for the average consumer. So many phrases are in Latin and these are not very easy to understand. It is a reason why many are very hesitant about signing any contract or other legal document. They are very afraid they are signing something that obligates more than expected and leads to litigation. Those who are covered by a group legal plan don’t have to try making sense out of everything all by themselves. There is a translator available in the form of a network attorney.

Making Sense of It All

The legal profession is no different than any other in that there are expressions and terminology unique to the practice of law. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offers a voluntary benefit plan for legal assistance, the Personal Legal Protector Plan, which will allow a person to have the services of a seasoned attorney. This individual will explain the various phrases and clauses of any contract or legal document. A plan member can relax a little bit because things will be made very clear by the attorney. There still may be in a person’s mind some confusion remaining about one clause or another contained in a legal document. That is why a Countrywide legal plan will allow for an unlimited number of telephone calls to the attorney. It is also possible if necessary to schedule several face-to-face consultations with the lawyer. This is part of the customer service that a Countrywide voluntary benefit plan provides.

Another major element of our service is empathy. Countrywide lawyers have considerable years of experience working with clients who are often frustrated by the difficult language of a contract. These legal experts know that as part of any service the personal touch needs to be added. This means listening, understanding the possible problems, and carefully explaining in down-to-earth language what a clause or codicil means. Voluntary benefit plan members are paying for legal services with hard earned money. We want each and every one of them to know they are respected by us and those who work with us. A Countrywide group legal plan is meant to be a responsive benefit that respects its members.

Administrative Simplicity and Flexible Plan Design

We have had the privilege of designing voluntary benefit plans for numerous organizations since 1987. There is no such thing as a boilerplate employer, and we do not provide boilerplate plan designs. Each plan is unique to the organization. We will tailor the provisions to best meet the needs as specified by the given employer. If a certain option is desired for a legal voluntary benefit, it will be part of the final plan. People sometimes get frustrated with administrative procedures that are more paperwork than actual service. We appreciate that concern and will design our group legal plan document so that administration is amazingly simple. This means the needed service is delivered that much quicker, and very efficiently. A plan member will not be forced to go through an administrative maze to get to our assistance.

We have a number of benefit options available for organizations to consider. A decision-maker may want to consider each one of these separately, and determine which services are the best for the organization’s voluntary benefit. We welcome any opportunity to explain our benefit options to people. A decision-maker who has an interest in offering a high-quality group legal plan to employees is invited to contact us.

We will answer any question presented to us completely.

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