Both Provide Needed AssistanceCost and value

Consumers are justifiably worried about their online security. There have been too many reports of large banks and hospitals having their fire protection walls hacked into and confidential information retrieved. Whenever a person’s financial information is compromised the consequence can be devastating. Credit scores that once were sterling are suddenly destroyed and it takes considerable time to undo the damage. There are group legal plan options that can be looked into, but some of these are not exactly what is desired. It is always good to have choices. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offers exactly that when it comes to safeguarding Internet identity.

Platinum ID Protector Plan

Group legal services to help with identity theft should include individual credit reports. These are important because an individual ordinarily does not know of a disastrous hit until weeks after the theft. The Platinum ID Protector Plan will allow for daily credit monitoring, which will come from the top three credit monitoring bureaus (Experian™, Equifax™, and TransUnion™). Three credit scores are also available under this plan. The reports and scores can sound the alarm when there is a sudden drop in the existing credit scores. This group legal plan also has free customer support to help a person better understand what options are available to regain credit respectability.

 Premier ID Protector Plan

This plan also provides daily credit monitoring from the same three bureaus. It will provide for monthly credit score updates. This particular plan does not have the free customer support, however.

Both group legal services plans offer something that is extremely valuable to anyone who has been cyber attacked. Trying to rebuild after an Internet theft can be very expensive. There are certain legal papers which have to be submitted and each one has a fairly large fee. The Platinum ID Protector Plan and the Premier ID Protector Plan both offer $25,000 of identity theft insurance to help the victim recover from the attack on credit. Claims will have to be submitted for reimbursement, but this type of insurance reduces the financial distress that can happen. A member of either group legal services plan will receive the financial support so necessary to make things.

Countrywide Goes One Step Beyond

The group legal services offered in either plan can bring an end to a very frightening nightmare. People who experience identity theft are very anxious and extremely worried. Any delay in the provision of service is going to only increase the mental anguish of the victim. Countrywide believes that every person who is covered by one of our plans receives the very best service as quickly as it is possible. It is why our administration is streamlined. Anyone who is the victim of cyber theft can expect to not be bothered with mountains of paperwork. Everything is handled as quickly as possible.

Every person in a group legal plan administered by Countrywide is treated the same way. Any individual who makes contact with Countrywide about services will be treated with courtesy and respect. Our customer support people are well trained in offering the best assistance. They can direct a plan member in finding the right avenues to get the credit ratings restored. We work as quickly and as efficiently as possible. That attention to detail and the feelings of an individual have gained us favorable remarks from many of our clients.

We have two Protector Plans because it underscores our commitment to allowing choice. We know that organizations have needs and with our comprehensive group legal plans we provide numerous legal options; the client picks what is desired. The final plan is something that best fits the needs of the given organization. We can go over with anyone all of the benefits we have and how they are administered. We appreciate any contact that is made and will answer any questions asked.