Using the Right Tools- Countrywide Has Them


Financial wellness weighs on a person’s mind. Whether funding a house is affordable or how to best meet unexpected bills is going to haunt person’s thoughts. It helps to have some assistance from a group of professionals. Those veterans can point out how to manage finances better and meet costs without panic. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services makes use of certified counselors to help plan members deal with finances. Providing good advice does mean gathering information. Our counselors use the right tools to examine a plan member’s financial situation.

Starting with the Basics of Financial Wellness

The primary source of information for the Countrywide counselor is a budget analysis. Our professionals will sit down with a plan member and look at income and expenses. This can be a meeting of discovery for those who do not have a formal budget to follow. They not only discover where their money is going, but also exactly how much money is coming in to meet the bills.

This information permits counselors to develop a realistic budget with the plan member. Issues of financial wellness such as how to afford credit card payments, college loan debt, and even unexpected medical bills are better managed with a set budget. It permits a plan member to meet expenses without having to make drastic decisions. The budget has a way of calming down nerves and helping a person relax when dealing with financial matters.

What about a House?

Owning a house is not only the American dream but also the largest expense most people will confront. There is no reason to give up on the dream of having your own home. Countrywide has a self-study program, “Make Your Move”, that will help a person plan for a house search and how to finance the mortgage. Some of the pitfalls about house buying are explored, and a person gets advice on what might be the best way to finance the home. This course is one that permits someone who does not know real estate make the best possible deal on that dream dwelling.

What about the Assets?

Financial wellness can involve planning for retirement and major events such as weddings and vacations. It helps when an individual knows what their assets are. This way, a plan member can decide what can be sold to afford other purchases. It also gives an idea of what assets can be used to underwrite a loan.

Our counselors can do an asset inventory with the plan member. It includes all types of assets such as bank accounts, stocks, and even small insurance policies. The inventory is a way of knowing an individual’s full value and that is critical in planning for the future. Our counselors can provide advice along the way as a person discovers what his or her assets are worth.

Employers Benefit from This

Financial wellness is not a boutique benefit by any means. Employees are beginning to insist on some help in dealing with their personal ledgers. Those organizations that offer the right kind of assistance receives greater loyalty from their workforce in return. This happens because employees appreciate that management is concerned with their, the employees, financial well-being.

Employers can choose what benefit options will be part of the financial wellness benefit. Countrywide supports those decisions with some of the best member services in the industry. We have a streamlined administration to help employees get the information and assistance they need. Our counselors are found nationwide and can easily meet with any plan member. Anyone in such a meeting can expect both courtesy and empathy from the Countrywide counselor.

We hope you’re interested in our benefit plan and how it can help your employees. If you have any questions about the Countrywide services, please contact us at your earliest convenience. We are ready to answer your questions and we welcome your inquiry.