Being Prepared for the Worst- A Living Will Cushions the Fall


Catastrophe occurs in seconds. It might be an industrial accident, a traffic mishap, or a cardiac arrest which sends a person into the dark. An unresponsive patient may still be alive and on life support in a state of near death that can last for months or even years. It is important for group legal plans to provide a means to prevent a tragedy. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has a benefit option that helps avoid indecision.

The Importance of the Living Will and Medical Powers of Attorney

Our group legal plan can offer a living will and medical powers of attorney as well. Both will alleviate the medical limbo a life support circumstance may cause. The living will includes instructions on what procedures to use in the event of a plan member becoming comatose. The living will also might specify those actions which are not to be used and when life support must end.

Medical powers of attorney will go a step further. Some decisions go beyond what a living will specifies. This pre-paid legal services option permits a plan member to appoint someone who will make necessary decisions on behalf of the patient. Directing that the life support system be turned off is the toughest decision, without a doubt. Medical powers of attorney take that away from family members and gives it to the appointed decision-maker. It spares the loved ones all the anguish of requesting what they know will be the end of a dear one’s life.

Hospitals and doctors appreciate both living wills and medical powers of attorney. These documents relieve the healthcare providers of life or death responsibilities.

No One Should Ignore the Possibilities

Employees don’t like to think of being a terminally ill patient but there are consequences for not being prepared. A life support case will cause loved ones considerable agony. They must watch over a comatose family member, knowing this person might never regain consciousness. The final instructions of a living will can bring needed closure.

Both documents have a financial wellness quality. Every year a patient is on life support means paying a medical deductible. The estate is also in suspended animation. Living wills and medical powers of attorney may also bring financial closure for a group legal plan member and that person’s family.

Creating A Comprehensive Benefit

Countrywide permits clients to design their group legal plan. It is possible for an organization to design a comprehensive plan that meets all needs with considerable value. For example, it can include a living will and medical powers of attorney with the drafting of a simple will and review of legal documents. There are other combinations that can encourage employees to make use of the benefit and achieve the full value of the pre-paid legal services.

Countrywide provides streamlined administration with a little extra. We have secondary services such as an unlimited number of telephone calls to an attorney on a given situation, and written correspondence from the attorney on behalf of a client. These are meant to enhance the primary benefits and have been proven quite effective over time. The Countrywide group legal plan addresses as much as the client wants it to. We do provide advice and guidance on what pre-paid legal services to include, but at the close of the day, it is the client who decides what is in the plan.

Our services are some of the best in the industry and our existing clients will attest to that. We encourage prospective clients to check our references and consumer review boards and the Better Business Bureau. These sources will attest to our commitment to the highest quality. We will do the very best for those hard-working employees you have.

Please contact us at your earliest convenience about all of our benefits. We would like to explain what we can do for you and your employees, and we welcome any opportunity to provide information and be of service.