Warranties are Made to Be Respected


A warranty is meant to sweeten the deal. Whenever a consumer goes shopping for major appliances, he or she can expect the sales associate to suggest a warranty as part of the transaction. These provide service and possible replacement if the product becomes defective. It seems to be a very common sense extra, and many people will purchase one. The difficulty arises when the warranty has to be enforced and the company ignores it, stating that the necessary conditions have not been met. Anyone who has a voluntary benefit plan for legal services can get the help needed to have a warranty respected.

The Trouble Is in the Details

Warranty language contains a number of caveats and conditions. These are part of the document to prevent a situation where a buyer arbitrarily invokes the warranty. It is understandable that a company would not want to provide a service without justification, but sometimes the company representative dealing with the issue will refuse to honor a valid warranty. This person may also assume that the buyer does not fully understand the language, making it easier to deny service. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has a group legal plan that can help. The Personal Legal Protector Plan allows an individual access to a network of attorneys. An experienced lawyer from the area will be there to help the voluntary benefit plan member with any issue that involves a warranty. This legal expert will take a look at the warranty and determine whether or not a plan member has sufficient grounds to have the warranty honored. The Countrywide voluntary benefit plan permits legal communication service. An attorney can send a letter or make telephone calls on behalf of plan member to the issuing company. It ordinarily happens that such communication resolves the difficulty, and the terms of the warranty are enforced.

Merchants who are hesitant to honor a warranty normally change their minds when they discover that the customer has group legal plan protection that includes a veteran attorney.

The Right Use of Finesse

A good lawyer has excellent negotiating skills. Dealing with the merchant is rarely a shouting match, and the lawyer can explain why the warranty has to be legally enforced. A plan member may have a lot of questions, and a Countrywide group legal plan permits unlimited telephone calls to a prospering attorney. Our legal experts provide service with a very sensitive touch. They will explain the full meaning of the warranty patiently, and answer any questions. No voluntary benefit plan member is ever made to feel like he or she is just a case file. Everyone receives superior customer service from any of our attorneys.

Easy Administration and Efficient Service
Nobody wants to wait for paid services to be rendered. Countrywide has designed group legal plan benefits for over 25 years, and we make certain that administration is as simple as possible. No voluntary benefit plan member has to complete long and difficult forms to get required services. We make a point of seeing to it that the help that is needed is delivered as quickly as practicable. Countrywide also knows that every organization has needs that are unique to its workforce. That is why we maintain a practice of flexibility. We tailor our benefits to best suit the needs of any client. Our success is reflected in the favorable comments we received from human resource directors and decision-makers over the years about our voluntary benefit plans. We provide quality and efficiency in all of the legal services of Countrywide.

We have a number of legal service options that a company can consider. We encourage you to contact us for the opportunity to explain any of these in greater detail.

No employee should have to go through the frustration of fighting over a warranty or go without necessary legal services. We can provide the kind of help that is greatly appreciated.

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