We Have a Superior Employee Benefit!- Problems Are Efficiently Resolved


Group legal plans are on the bucket list of many organizations. Millennials express a sincere interest in this benefit and financial health is becoming very important to ordinary employees. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services respectfully asks you to consider our group legal plan benefits. We believe we offer significant value.

It Is Not a Courtroom Drama

Television will make anyone think legal assistance essentially deals with court cases. That is not true. Most pre-paid legal services involve matters that rarely go before a judge. Paperwork is the primary activity. Drafting simple wills or composing medical powers of attorney are group legal plan benefits that our attorneys are offering to help plan members. Other services such as help with public agencies and consumer protection complaints depend on the legal expertise of the attorney.

Countrywide has a nationwide network of attorneys. The pre-paid legal services they provide are standard legal benefits with the Countrywide difference.

Having a meeting with our lawyers is easy. Legal professionals are close by and Countrywide plan members get top priority. We make things convenient. The Countrywide group legal plan allows a person unlimited telephone calls on a given situation. The attorney can make telephone calls and write letters on behalf of a plan member. These are the kind of benefits that make the overall value greater.

We will make everything easy. Our administration is streamlined to enable quick service. Our attorneys are expected to show patience and courtesy to plan members. Emotional intelligence is required from every Countrywide lawyer. We insist on not just good, but superior, people skills.

Clients Have a Say

Boilerplate benefit plans are a problem. They can cause an organization to take on benefit expenses for services not all employees can enjoy. Countrywide wants to avoid that happening. We do this by allowing our clients to make their own group legal plan. We have pre-paid legal services options that can solve many legal problems. Nevertheless, some of these benefits are not necessarily all employees need.

Employers can look at our pre-paid legal services option options and see if they fit into the needs of the employee demographics. Those that do will be part of the plan, while the other options are ignored. We have no problem with this; we want every employee to be able to take advantage of what we offer. Consequently, the employer decides on the options and we provide the service which happens to be some of the best in the industry.

Don’t Underestimate the Morale Value

Employees want more than just the traditional employee benefits. They want services from their employers to help with everyday problems. That is precisely what a good legal plan benefit is going to do: assist with challenges that sometimes seem out of control. The boost to morale should not be ignored.

Getting support, such as assistance with product warranties, is what an employee wants. Being able to have someone interpret a legal contract protects a person from a trap hidden within the clauses. Employees appreciate this kind of help as it shows a concern on the part of management. The workers know that they are being productive for an organization that sincerely cares about them. Our group legal services give a degree of security that employees are grateful to have.

We want to stress what we expect from our attorneys. They must have great legal expertise, but they also must be able to handle any legal problem an employee may present patiently. There is no such thing as a bad question and we seek solutions.

We think you’ll be impressed by the services we offer. If you have any questions, we want to hear them and be able to respond to them. Please feel free to contact us at your convenience to find out more about Countrywide. We provide superior employee benefits that have outstanding value.