We Will Do Referrals – Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services Provides Full Services


Group legal plans will proactively market their pre-paid legal services. Prospective clients receive all information about the benefits and how their employees will be served. A big question which some vendors try to avoid answering is: what happens when the attorneys can’t perform the needed service?

Law Is Not Simple

The rules of law in the United States depend on the type of jurisprudence. There are several niche legal areas where specialized attorneys practice. These can include consumer law, immigration law, probate and estate, and HOA law. Not every attorney is familiar with the practices of specialized law and, therefore, those attorneys with a unique set of legal skills are called upon. The problem is that their services are not cheap.

But the advice of these attorneys might be needed by a group legal plan member. This same person may be frustrated by a group legal plan which does not allow for referrals. Even if referrals are included, there may not be a discount for this service. The plan member is constantly forced to bear the cost which might be rather steep. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services is proud of the quality of advice and guidance our network of attorneys provide. However, we understand that these attorneys may have no expertise in highly specialized law. Rather than not provide a needed service, we will provide referrals in situations where a lawyer with a legal specialty is needed.

The Countrywide Referral

If our client requires help Countrywide will refer the plan member to the appropriate attorney. The Countrywide group legal plan receives a  25% discount on hourly and scheduled rates, and contingency fees receive a 10% discount from the standard percentages. Those are just the basic referral benefits we provide.

It sometimes happens there are hidden costs or fees charged by the other attorney. It will not happen with anyone referred by Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services. We insist on receiving from the other attorney a schedule of fees that we can assure our members will get reduced rates.

We, furthermore, insist that the same consideration and respect plan members get for our pre-paid legal services will be part of the service provided by the referred attorney. We want our members to get priority treatment and we see to it that it happens. The other attorneys are glad to do this to maintain a strong relationship with Countrywide.

Clients Can Depend on Us

Clients can depend on Countrywide going the extra mile for the sake of employees. Our pre-paid legal services always offer a little bit extra and the quality is always the very best. We have no problem referring people to other attorneys, because we want our plan members to get the very best.

Our group legal plans are tailored to the needs of the client. We ask a prospective client to look at all our benefit options and decide which ones are best suited for that organization’s workforce. It is what the client wants that will be part of the final plan document. We will advise, but it is the client who will select the benefits. We back up all our benefits with efficient service and attorneys who have considerable emotional intelligence and legal expertise.

Plan members have a right to expect the best from Countrywide. If we cannot provide it, we will seek out the legal experts who can provide what is needed. Everyone who is associated with Countrywide gets the very best from us.

You might have some questions about our services, and we would welcome the opportunity to respond. We invite you to contact us at your earliest convenience and find out more about Countrywide. We are here to answer your questions and explain how Countrywide adds value to any employee benefit program.