Where is the Money? Remote Workers Might Need It

stockfresh_7560715_multitasking-woman_sizeS-300x300Remote workers are learning to cope with the challenges of being away from the office. They know how important it is to check in frequently and try to connect with their team. Remote workers do face a lot of anxiety about money. They get concerned that an emergency may cause a financial disaster.


Medical emergencies can come like a shot in the dark and they can cost a lot of money. If other emergencies arise, such as an auto accident, an employee needs money right away. Not everybody has saved for a rainy day, and a financial loan is necessary. It is unfortunate, but people may be forced to seek out a payday loan.


The cash is immediate, but the interest rates are astounding. It may be challenging to repay a loan that has a three-digit APR. It can damage anybody’s financial wellness, and a compassionate employer needs to find an alternative to help a beleaguered employee.


Countrywide Pre—Paid Legal Services understands the anxiety. We have worked with people to help them sort out financial wellness problems and we are aware of the dangers of payday loans. We do not want anyone to be compelled to deal with loan sharks. We have recently introduced a new benefit, Tapcheck, that can take the place of a payday loan.


The Dynamics of It


Tapcheck means that a person does not have to wait until payday for emergency money. Once a person’s hours have been placed in the payroll system, Tapcheck permits an employee to cash out the part of the paycheck balance they need right away. It is easy to do, and mobile apps can access Tapcheck.


Financial wellness is protected. Countrywide does not charge an exorbitant APR; a flat fee for the transfer is all that we ask. A person has a 24/7, 365 days a year access to paycheck funds. It can make a significant difference in anyone’s life if they are faced with a crisis.


We Have Even More to Offer


Remote workers can get into a problem because of poor financial planning. They do not know what to do with their cash flow. We can help. Our financial wellness plan allows access to certified counselors who deal with ordinary financial difficulties all the time. These professionals observe social distancing, and a counselor is working in the community of every Countrywide client. Getting access to one is easy.


The Counselors Are Aware of the Dangers


Our counselors know all about the problems with payday loans. These are traps that people are unable to get out of easily. Our counselors will coach a financial wellness plan member on how to budget effectively and save money for emergencies. Anyone who is threatened with bankruptcy will appreciate the services of a Countrywide counselor. The same is true for anyone who must deal with college loan debt.


The Client Has a Voice


We want our clients to guide us in developing a financial wellness plan. We will ask the decision-makers to look at our services and decide which one will be a part of their benefits. We answer all questions about the benefits, and we will not try to push one option over the others. What clients would like to see in their tailor-made plan will be in the final documents. We provide the type of member services and the administration that provides services as fast as possible.


Office workers are just as susceptible to payday loan enticements as a remote worker. Tapcheck permits a person to respond to an emergency without going to a less than reputable payday loan office. Our other benefits can assist employees in maintaining a sound financial status. If you have any questions about our benefits, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. We welcome any opportunity to explain Countrywide’s services.