Medical Bills Planning Countrywide Has Some Great Ideas

stockfresh_132711_senior-couple-meeting-with-agent_sizeS-300x201It is the start of the benefits enrollment period for many organizations. Employees are busy either enrolling in a new employee benefit or renewing their status. The medical benefit is the one that concerns people the most. It has the potential to be a significant protector of a person’s financial security.


Medical bills are large and a person without insurance can be in a desperate situation. However, having medical insurance does not get anyone out of the woods entirely. Healthcare benefits have changed over the last few years, and deductibles have gone up while the coverage percentage for various treatments has been reduced. An individual needs to schedule any medical procedures to prevent being hit with a sizable cost.


Many people are not aware of how to get ready for upcoming costs. They may consequently run into some medical debt that can threaten financial wellness. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services knows how important being prepared for expenses can be. We have an employee benefit that can help an employee maintain reliable financial wellness in the face of medical bills.


We Rely on Professionals


Countrywide believes that the personal touch is essential for good member services. Consequently, we use certified counselors to provide help and one of these is in every community where we have a client organization.


Dealing with medical expenses is one of the specialty areas for our counselors. They can help financial wellness plan members structure their budget to meet the impending fee better. The counselors will do more than that for a plan member.


The counselor can advise a person how to manage debt. This professional knows how healthcare providers bill people and what can be done to schedule any payments. They can remind a financial wellness plan member to wait until the insurance company has paid its portion. That way, a plan member will only pay what he or she indeed owes.


The counselor can go over the insurance plan to determine when would be the best time to schedule any treatments. The counselors know about the deductibles and the importance of co-pays. The guidance of a Countrywide professional helps a person budget for medical procedures, how to schedule payments, and any other means of keeping the costs under control. We help people save considerable amounts of money.


It Is the Employer’s Call


We have several financial wellness benefits and each one is intended to help people deal with everyday money problems. We do not know the demographics of a prospective client organization and we do not know what members of the workforce need. We ask the client to help us design their financial wellness plan.


What we will do is explain to the decision-makers each of our benefits. We understand that while each of our services is important, not all of them may be what the employer wants. We do not mind, and we will not try to pressure the acceptance of one benefit over another. It is what the client wants that will be in the plan document.


Countrywide backs up these decisions with superior member services. Our counselors are expected to show empathy and understanding to all plan members, no matter what the job title happens to be. A person needs to get help as quickly as possible. Countrywide response to needs by having a streamlined administration of benefits. We are there when a person needs our help. Our attention to quality is a reason why we are one of the leading vendors in the industry. Satisfying the members is our priority.


Medical bills do not have to be a nightmare and they can be efficiently managed. If you have any questions about our services, we invite you to contact us at your convenience. We would welcome any chance to explain how our benefits will help your employees.