You Can Expect Good Service- Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services Gives the Best


Good service is important today. People insist on it and expect group legal plans to provide exemplary pre-paid legal services. Not all of them do that.

The Internet world is becoming impersonal. FAQ pages and blog postings appear to be the preferred ways of helping plan members. Call centers, if used, are staffed with people who are not legal professionals. Group legal plan members deserve more than scripted answers. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services goes the distance to give the very best member services.

Efficient Member Services

Legal problems are not cut and dried. Difficulties with public agencies or warranties can be complicated and simple answers are not enough. Countrywide believes that face-to-face conferences matter. We encourage direct meetings with our attorneys. It is easy to do, and our nationwide network of attorneys can quickly respond to meeting requests.

Drafting a simple will or medical powers of attorney are simple tasks when actual meetings take place. The group legal plan member can express what he or she wants. The attorney can immediately point out any legal problems and a better document is consequently composed.

People forget important things and worry about being charged a fee if they contact the attorney. We encourage questions. A Countrywide attorney will respond to all questions on a given situation, even after the meeting.

Our secondary services allow the attorney to reach out to third parties. This is done by telephone or correspondence or legal stationery. This service clears up confusion and misunderstanding which will surface in legal matters.

Emotional Intelligence Is Needed

The law is unsettling to a few because they don’t understand it. They are afraid of mistakes and worry about going to court. Our attorneys are sympathetic to their anxieties. A group legal plan member can expect patience, courtesy, and respect from Countrywide. We insist on good people skills and our attorneys have them. Empathy is a quality everyone notices when they use our pre-paid legal services.

Countrywide has offered a group legal plan benefit for over 30 years to all types of organizations. We hope plan members can take full advantage of our services, and that they find the right solutions for every legal issue. Employers provide employee benefits to improve morale and boost productivity. There is no guarantee, however, that either will happen.

The benefit options must be usable. Services should be there to resolve difficulties or else the benefit is little more than window-dressing. Poor service will make employees hesitate. Rude customer service staff can make a person wonder why the benefit is important. It creates a situation where there is a benefit nobody wants or uses and that is inefficient. Countrywide is very aware of the need for usable benefits and good service. We take proactive steps to guarantee both. Decision-makers understand staff needs and what employees would like to have. We do not have such insight about a given client’s workforce and we want folks to use our pre-paid legal services. We ask the clients to choose the options for their respective plans.

We will provide the needful. Our administration is streamlined to allow for quick response. The Countrywide lawyers will give priority to our plan members and place them at the top of the list. No one must wait long for service. This is all in addition to the member-friendly services we already mentioned. It is no secret why we are one of the leaders in the industry. We care about our plan members and we want them to get the very best from us.

Good service is the foundation stone for Countrywide. If you have any questions about what we do, we would like to have the opportunity to answer them. Please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience and find out more about Countrywide.