Lighten That Load – New Employees Appreciate the Help


The American economy is fortunate to have so many tech-savvy young employees. They grew up with social media and Internet business apps and hit the ground running once they are hired. They can be very productive if there are no restraints. However, recent college graduates come with a heavy burden and management must lighten the load.

Debt Harms Financial Wellness

The average college student graduates with loan obligations of thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars. The grace period for most college loans is ordinaraily over in six months and young graduates must start paying the debt. Monthly loan bills can be as much as a mortgage payment.

The college debt impacts financial wellness. Personal decisions such as getting married or buying a house will be affected. Recent college graduates may not understand budgeting or have credit card issues. Their financial stability is in trouble and these tech smart young people need help. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services can be a real lifesaver with its Financial Wellness Plan.

Counselors Give Valuable Advice

A nationwide network of certified counselors provide services. These professionals work with college debt issues every day. The counselor can suggest better ways to manage loan debt. We provide other help a young employee will need.

Learning how to budget can be easy. Countrywide counselors will do a budget analysis for a financial wellness plan member. The professional will help a person create a working budget that meets expenses and allows for savings. Some people might want to buy a house and we have a self-study program that educates a first-time buyer. Those who are in serious trouble financially can take advantage of our debt management plan to correct matters. A Countrywide counselor is a source of much information and a financial wellness plan member can take advantage of the expertise.

The Client’s Choice

An organization is going to benefit providing financial wellness programs to recent graduates. Of course, there are other employees who have their own special needs. These must be addressed in order to have a benefit that gives a sizable return on any investment. We believe that an organization’s management is best equipped to decide what employees require or want. We let these decision-makers choose what options will be part of their plan. We have several options from which to choose and some services benefit particular demographics. Employers know which ones are the best and can make the decision. The result is a benefit that serves as many employees as practicable.

Countrywide has a reputation for superior member services, and we work to maintain that reputation. Client organizations can expect efficient administration and quick provision of services. Our counselors know that a plan member will receive priority over ordinary clients. The counselors furthermore know that their people skills are the primary reason we are doing business with them. We expect courtesy and respect be shown to all our plan members.

Employee attitudes change dramatically thanks to Countrywide services. Everyone is concerned about their financial situation and worry about the bills they must pay. We can help anyone make sense of a budget and be able to save for those special purchases. It is this kind of help that convinces an employee that his or her employer is a great place to work. Turnover figures will drop, and retention will rise because our benefits address very important needs in everyone’s lives.

Prospective clients always have many questions about our services. It is understandable they want to get the best possible return on investment. We respect that prudence. We encourage anyone who is interested in Countrywide to contact us at their convenience. There is no such thing as a bad question when it comes to dealing with Countrywide. We will answer any question that a prospective client might have. We want to be of service and would welcome any opportunity to prove we can provide the very best.