Drafting A Will Properly – It Helps Avoid Mistakes


A will is something everyone needs, but not everyone drafts one properly. There are those who will write their own on a piece of paper and others who use an online template. Such methods have the potential of creating drastic consequences. Wills composed this way can leave behind a great deal of confusion and trouble for survivors.

Doing Things on the Cheap

An individual may want to avoid legal fees and use an online website to draft a will. Such templates are not as good as a pre-paid legal services benefit. These DIY wills may not contain all the right words or be updated to include new language. The average person doesn’t know all the right phrases and will make composition errors. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services wants to help people avoid serious legal accidents. We have drafting wills as a group legal plan option.

Professionals Draft Simple Wills

Countrywide allows for wills of up to six pages to be written. We believe that is enough for the average group legal plan member. Our nationwide network of attorneys has considerable experience in drafting wills. They write a document which will have no issues with probate court.

These lawyers stay current with state law, which is something online templates cannot always guarantee. The drafted will is solid because the Countrywide lawyers listen carefully to the group legal plan members. If there is a legal problem with what a person wants to do, Countrywide will immediately point that out and suggest an alternative.

Revising an existing will is on the bucket list, but an individual may forget to do it. Countrywide sends out annual reminders about making changes. Depending on the plan, Countrywide attorneys can review an existing will as a pre-paid legal services benefit. These are benefits those online websites do not always provide.

Employer Input Is Sought

Countrywide has offered group legal plans for over 30 years. Our clients come from all sectors of the American economy and the organizations are also from all sizes. Such diversity means that a boilerplate plan will not satisfy the needs of all our clients.

Clients are to choose what pre-paid legal services will be in their plan. The choices enable decision-makers to develop a plan that closely fits the needs of all the employees. We would offer advice and help a client develop a comprehensive benefit, but we respect the decisions which are ultimately made. What the client wants in the plan document will be there.

One Step Beyond

Our additional services make a Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services benefit better than website templates. People change their minds about the beneficiaries after a meeting and may have other questions. Another service we provide is an unlimited number of telephone calls in a given situation. Combining these with great personal skills and highly efficient administration, Countrywide provides considerable value in our plan benefits. It is that one step beyond that has made us a leader in the industry.

Having a simple will drafted is an excellent idea. It is considered sensible financial planning and makes certain that family members and survivors receive their fair share of an estate. The will writing is just one of the benefits that Countrywide offers that helps meet common legal needs. We noticed over the years how employees of our clients appreciate everything that we do.

You may have some questions about Countrywide benefit. We welcome the opportunity to explain what we can do for your employees. Please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience to find out more about the Countrywide group legal plan.