You can prevent a Convention Nightmare from Happening

Legal Problems at a distance can be fixed


The business year is coming to a close and many organizations want to use what is left of the travel budget. They will send people to conventions and training sessions to network and get needed expertise. Employees will take the opportunity to use up what is left of the vacation. It is why they schedule a few days after the convention as personal time and that is when problems can begin. Employee technically on vacation will run into some legal problems. These could be a misunderstanding at a restaurant, a fender bender, or some other problem that crops up. The corporate legal counsel cannot be of much help in this situation. The services of a group legal plan are going to be desperately needed.

In a Bind and Distant Place

The employee is on personal time and the corporate attorney is consequently of no help. It means the employee is stuck far away from headquarters trying to unravel a problem that arose. It could mean this person is not in the office for days or even weeks. Countrywide Pre- Paid Legal Services, has seen this situation happen before. We provide the kind of group legal services that can help a person caught in a legal jam miles away from home.

The Service Is Local

We have a network of attorneys nationwide that can be contacted. A group legal plan member is not stranded or at the mercy of local government agencies. The Countrywide attorney provides the same type of group legal services no matter where he or she practices. Trouble with the local government can be addressed rather quickly, because the attorney knows how things operate. A little difficulty with a local business or restaurant becomes less a problem. Countrywide attorney can make telephone calls or write correspondence on behalf of the plan member. It can happen that somebody who is legally trying to take advantage of a plan member is stopped immediately. Knowing local attorneys are representing the employee is a reason for anyone to think twice before being unreasonable.

Anyone who is using Countrywide group legal services can be assured that they are not just a case file. The attorney may be practicing in another state, but he or she will treat a plan member like a local resident. Countrywide makes a point of doing business with attorneys who understand the legal process of the area. With the attorney involved, employee could be able to return home and have the attorney work to resolve the situation.

The Best Possible Assistance

Management can breathe a sigh of relief knowing their employee can be back on the job quickly. Important projects can move forward because a valued team member is not detained someplace else. Countrywide attorneys don’t wait around when it comes to providing service. Our administration is designed so that someone who is legally stranded hundreds of miles away gets prompt attention. A Countrywide attorney does everything possible to bring resolution to the issue. That professional is aided by the number of options that a comprehensive Countrywide group legal plan provides. If one particular benefit doesn’t work, then another within the plan most likely will. Our ability to provide great group legal services with little administrative hassle is one of the reasons why Countrywide has so many satisfied clients.

It Is Protection for Employees

No company wants a valued employee stuck in statutory quicksand far from home. It is important to get that individual backing at the office and providing productive performance. Countrywide has the kind of group legal services that can make that happen. We know that organizations vary from one to the other and we are flexible in group legal plan design. What executive management feels is important for the employees will be in the final benefit plan. We believe that no one should be trapped in an awkward legal position.

We can explain in greater detail how our benefits can legally protect good employees wherever they are. Please feel free to contact us today!