Good Service Needs Communication

People want to deal with other humans


People rarely enjoy talking to machines. There is a sense of cold distance that can be very disconcerting to an individual. Human resources directors are very aware of this problem because they get a number of complaints about impersonal service. Unfortunately, benefits, such as health or dental are routinely handled through online automatic services. It would be nice for some benefits such as a group legal plan to allow for more personal contact.

Hello, Is Anyone out There?

When a person has a legal emergency, he or she does not want to deal with a recorded message. Being able to talk to a professional means a great deal and reduces a high level of anxiety. Countrywide Pre- Paid Legal Services is fully aware of how important the human touch is when dealing with legal problems. It is why part of our group legal services include unlimited telephone calls to a Countrywide attorney on any given matter.

This attorney doesn’t live far away but in the same community as the group legal plan member. This helps because if a face-to-face consultation, another one of our group legal services, is required it can easily be done. There is the opportunity to establish a client relationship that automated services simply cannot do. This is what people really enjoy when they are members of a Countrywide group legal plan. No one is made to feel as if they are a case number or simply somebody in the queue.

Communication On The Professional Level.

Countrywide knows that providing service means more than just preparing a legal document. The Countrywide attorneys can make telephone calls on behalf of a plan member, saving that person the time and trouble. If the situation requires that legal correspondence be provided, the Countrywide lawyer is ready and willing to do that on letterhead stationery. Both the telephone calls and the letters have been proven to bring immediate resolution to a lot of very serious problems. This communication is part of the group legal services we offer. The convenience and professionalism combined make the communication that legal benefit most people enjoy.

Making Communication As Easy As Possible.

Countrywide does its best to see to it there are no roadblocks in the communication channels. Our administration is intentionally designed to provide efficient service, and keep the contact between plan member and the attorney unobstructed. Plan members like being able to talk directly to an attorney and the other communication services provide a lot of value to the benefits received. It is knowing that there is a human being to speak with and who will deliver great service that makes employees like the Countrywide plans.

Decision-makers appreciate the sensitivity to their needs. Part of communication services is listening. We have been designing group legal services plans since 1987, and we have worked with all kinds of organizations. We listen very carefully to what our clients want to have in their group legal plan. Everyone has something different, and we respond to the requests. Each plan that we design is tailored to the individual client. There are no ready-made, off-the-shelf, designs. We have a wide range of options from which to choose, and the clients may take their pick of what they want.

The customer is king in today’s economy, and service providers have to be able to listen. Countrywide will listen to the needs of clients and the concerns of plan members. We offer the kind of communication services that add real value to the legal benefits we provide. No one should have to deal with a recorded voice when it comes to getting what is needed. We want clients and their employees to know that they will be dealing with professionals who respond to any needs should they have a Countrywide plan.

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