You Deserve Those Services! You Paid for Them

stockfresh_3091602_good-service-makes-the-difference-chalk-illustration_sizeS-300x168Folks are upset with the government. Lockdowns and restrictions caused by coronavirus are frustrating, and many wonder if their tax dollars are being properly spent. Red tape and delays appear to be the new normal.

The government provides services that people need. Tutors, transport vans, healthcare aides, and other means of assistance are available and getting the right help might be a challenge. Public agencies are regulated by various rules that are confusing. Group legal plans should offer the means to help plan members deal with government agencies. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has a benefit that can make accessing public services more manageable.

A Forest of Rules

Countrywide will help group legal plan members deal with public agencies. Our network of attorneys interacts with government every day. These legal professionals understand the language of bureaucracy.

Getting help from public agencies requires specific information. Countrywide lawyers explain what agencies want and advise plan members on how to get it. The regulations can be irritating, but Countrywide will interpret them. Pre-paid legal services also include coaching a person on many procedures. Dealing with government starts to become more comfortable for our plan members when our attorneys get involved.

A Maze of Cubicles

If the paperwork is not bad enough, navigating the halls of a public agency can be infuriating. A group legal plan member can use a guide.

Countrywide lawyers are great scouts. They will direct a plan member to the right desk. Our attorneys are permitted to make telephone calls on behalf of a group legal plan member. A Countrywide lawyer can contact the public agency, find the right person, and map out what a plan member must do. What looked to be an endless journey becomes a swift path to getting needed services.

Service That Cares

We never want a plan member to feel like a case file. Countrywide bases its pre-paid legal services on being sensitive to a client’s needs and that organization’s workforce. A Countrywide attorney can be found in every community where a client does business. The attorneys will give plan members priority status and help is provided as quickly as possible.

We believe that a plan member should get personalized service that includes direct contact. There is a concern about social distancing, but our attorneys are very aware. No one needs to worry about a possible infection because our lawyers have protocols to protect an individual from becoming frustrated trying to get government services.

Emotions may be very raw, and a plan member can feel exasperated. This is where our skills come into play. Countrywide lawyers are known for emotional intelligence. They are great listeners and want to help. There are no lectures, and there are no sermons. Plan members will receive the kind of attention and courtesy they would like to get. Our clients always comment favorably on how their employees are treated.

The Client Matters

Every organization has its workforce that has unique needs. Countrywide has excellent benefit options, but we understand that the client might not want all of them. Our job is to explain each of our pre-paid legal services and answer all questions submitted. The client will make the choices on which benefits will be part of the plan. We provide superior member services and a streamlined administration that makes our benefits worthwhile. We work to establish a good rapport and respond to any of the organization’s needs.

The New Year is going to have its challenges and getting the required services might be difficult. Countrywide can make things better. If you have any questions about our benefits, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. We believe that we have the kind of group legal plan services your employees can use, and we would like to talk about what we can do for you and your workforce.