A Great Resolution – Employees Will Appreciate This


A fantastic corporate New Year’s resolution is a new employee benefit everyone can use. It lets the rank and file know that management appreciates their efforts and is concerned about their well-being. Group Legal Plans are an excellent and very useful service that an organization can offer. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has a Group Legal Plan that our clients like.

The Services Have High Quality

The courtroom dramas are the stuff of television. Most people will never have a day in court, but they still need a lawyer’s services for various reasons. Countrywide has provided pre-paid legal services since 1987. Our benefit options reflect the kind of legal help commonly used.

A simple will is a necessary component of sound financial planning. Countrywide attorneys will prepare this document for any Plan member, pointing out the critical clauses and answering all questions.

Living wills and medical powers of attorney are also relevant documents. These give instructions on what to do if a Plan member is unconscious and appoints who will have the authority to make decisions. These papers are a viable alternative to having a terminal patient indefinitely on life support.

Consumers should never settle for defective products. We will help with consumer protection and assist a Plan member in preparing a complaint. Warranties must deliver on specific services. Countrywide attorneys can make that happen.

There are other services, and each will help a Plan member deal with common legal issues. Countrywide benefits and save a person time and money.

Tools That Help

Our Group Legal Plan provides the tools required. Face-to-face meetings are easily arranged, and a Plan member can follow up later with additional questions on a given topic. Countrywide attorneys may write letters and make telephone calls on behalf of a Plan member. If a person needs specialized assistance, such as adoption law, Countrywide will do a referral to the proper professional.

Emotional Intelligence Makes the Difference

Our nationwide network of attorneys enables us to have one in the community of the client organization. Our Group Legal Plan members get priority attention from those lawyers.

What makes our service stand out is the empathy our lawyers show to all Plan members. Countrywide uses emotional intelligence in addition to legal knowledge when selecting attorneys to be part of our network. Excellent people skills are essential to Countrywide, and lawyers must have them.

We Work with Our Clients

Countrywide wants clients involved in designing a Group Legal Plan. We admit that not all our options are suited to an organization’s workforce. Therefore, we ask the management to select those options their employees will use. The choices will be in the final Plan document.

We support those benefits with administration that is streamlined for high efficiency. Clients know our attorneys are very professional and sympathetic. A combination of experience and empathy make our pre-paid legal services benefit one of the best.

Legal services are not a niche benefit or the latest fad. We know from the number of people who take advantage of our benefit that legal help is needed and appreciated. Services like document review will help an individual take care of issues that come up from time to time. Getting help working with government bureaucracy is a very valuable benefit. Countrywide has assisted many people in their dealings with government agencies, and our presence often guarantees that paperwork is filed correctly and on time.

Management knows that providing excellent benefits to employees helps with retention and productivity. People welcome the attention the decision-makers give to improving employee’s lives, and pre-paid legal services will make many things more manageable. Countrywide has a fantastic Plan that has drawn favorable comments everywhere.

If you have an interest in our benefits, then please feel free to contact us at your convenience. We want to be able to explain how the Plans we offer will make employees happy.