Don’t Worry About the New Year’s Deductibles – Countrywide Helps People Manage the Bill


Deductibles are the part of a medical bill the patient is responsible for paying. Standard deductibles have been rising to keep group health premiums down and $5000 deductibles are common. Most people do not understand how deductibles operate. These financial obligations can easily go out of control.

Deductibles will renew every year. A person who has paid the full deductible in 2018 is liable for the full amount in 2019 (e. g. Assume a deductible of $5000 in 2018. A plan member must pay up to $5000 in 2019 as well.). Medical treatment can overlap the new year. A person easily accrues thousands of dollars in medical debt with one single operation or treatment.

Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services knows the stress caused by such financial obligations. Our Financial Wellness Plan is designed to help folks better manage medical debt.

The Basic Benefit

Countrywide uses financial wellness professionals to provide needed help. We have a nationwide network of certified counselors to help plan members. Arranging for a conference is never a problem, and those counselors have the expertise needed to solve the problem.

Folks panic because they do not know how to pay their medical bills. A Countrywide counselor performs a domestic budget analysis for the plan member. This shows where the money is coming from and where it is going. Our counselors can point out where expenses can be trimmed. These suggestions will release the money needed to meet medical payments.

The meetings and the analysis can make an individual feel uncomfortable. It is not easy to admit to bad spending habits and the plan member might feel embarrassed. There is no need to worry. The Countrywide counselor wants to solve a problem. Austerity lectures are not part of the services. Plan members can anticipate good advice given by experts who respect a person’s feelings.

Healthcare providers want their money but, by and large, they are reasonable. Countrywide will offer ideas on how to negotiate an acceptable payment plan. A plan member will discover that the monthly bill is affordable without having to make drastic decisions thanks to a Countrywide counselor’s insights.

Employers Should Consider Financial Wellness

Organizations want to provide benefits that provide real value to employees. It is not a boutique benefit but is something that Millennials want to have. Any help that is given by an employer to an employee who is in financial trouble is deeply appreciated. The gratitude for the employer’s consideration is reflected in both increased productivity and a willingness to continue employment with the organization.

Countrywide provides excellent service. Our administration is intended to help as soon as possible. Our counselors know that the Countrywide Financial Wellness Plan member is given priority. No one must wait an extended period to get the services needed.

We want the financial wellness plan to reflect the needs and desires of organizations workforce. We believe that is best done by allowing clients to choose. Decision-makers may want medical debt assistance but might not be interested in help with college loans. It all depends on the demographics of the workforce. We respect the decision and choices reached. Whatever the client wants will be reflected in the final financial wellness plan document. Other services such as the budget analysis or asset inventory are part of the deal.

Older employees or those who have children will want to have the help with medical bills. The assistance we provide eliminates a great deal of anxiety and makes it easier for an employee to manage his or her financial situation. If any organization wants to know more about our benefit plan, Countrywide is ready and willing to share information. Please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience.