Countrywide Interprets Legal Documents – We Provide Order and Clarity


Legal documents are unsettling. Language is formal and there are Latin phrases sprinkled through the text. People get nervous about the lease or contract they might be signing. Group legal plans need to have a means of reviewing legal documents. It is a benefit which Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services will provide.

Our Attorneys Are Available for Legal Document Review

Our nationwide network of lawyers are professionals who are well-versed in the language of the law. They will gladly review legal documents for a group legal plan member.

The devil is in the details. Legal paperwork is rarely drafted to deceive people, but an individual might not understand his or her obligations. Those requirements will be quickly discovered by the Countrywide lawyer. A worst-case situation involves outdated or invalid documents. This problem can arise if a landlord uses an out of state lease. Countrywide will spot the danger and point out the problem to the plan member. Our attorneys are well known for inspecting even the smallest details.

Countrywide lawyers will share information and have face-to-face conferences. A plan member is allowed an unlimited number of telephone calls in each situation so that additional questions can be answered later. Countrywide lawyers are noted for good people skills. No one needs to feel uncomfortable or nervous when they are working with Countrywide.

Countrywide Is Familiar with Legal Paper

Most legal activity does not involve courtroom dramas. Paperwork takes up considerable amounts of time for any legal professional. Fortunately, our attorneys are experts. They can draft simple wills, living wills and medical powers of attorney. They will also write letters on behalf of the group legal plan member. We can handle many of the legal challenges an ordinary person faces. What pre-paid legal services are in the plan document is decided by the client.

The Benefits Centers on Choice

Organizations have all kinds of people and demographics vary from one workplace to another. It is essential that employee benefits provide service to all workers and choice guarantees that. Our clients are permitted to choose those pre-paid legal services that will be in their respective plans. Consumer protection might be included in the services or not. The client will decide.

We are committed to making sure all services in the plan are efficiently administered. We do not have large bureaucracies but instead rely on a highly efficient administrative process. Our attorneys are expected to give top priority to a Countrywide group legal plan member. Furthermore, we expect that these attorneys have top-level personal skills. Anyone who cannot relate to a person one on one is not welcome in the Countrywide network.

Dealing with legal documents can be very stressful for an ordinary person. We always recommend that an individual have an attorney check any document before it is signed. Our attorneys can provide the very best in legal insights regarding documents. They can even go so far as to recommend that certain clauses be placed in a contract. This prevents a plan member from making a mistake that has serious legal consequences.

The ability to write letters on behalf of a client is extremely important in document review. Our attorney can contact the other party and explain if there are some difficulties with the paperwork. It is better in these cases to have a trained legal professional make the telephone call or write the letter. That way, there is no confusion and problems can be easily resolved.

Our review of legal documents reduces a lot of anxiety, making it easier for a plan member to enter into a legal agreement. Countrywide has been providing pre-paid legal services to organizations for over 30 years and we are a leader in the group legal plan industry. If you have any questions about Countrywide or our benefits, please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience. We are ready to answer your questions and look forward to being of service.