Countrywide Helps with Public Agencies – Providing the Best Advice


Libertarians want a world where there is little government involvement in daily life. It might be a nice thought but there is little substance to that wish. Government is a part of our lives and we depend on government services. Not all group legal plans offer help in dealing with public agencies. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services does.

The Extent of Government Involvement

Ordinary folks take for granted the help they receive from government. It might be assistance for a special needs child or permission to add on a room to a house. Public agencies follow a set of rules and public employees will not deviate from those mandates. People get frustrated by all the paperwork. They blame the public agency even though that office is only following the rules. Countrywide gives needed assistance.

Countrywide participation speeds up the process. Our national network of attorneys offers a variety of pre-paid legal services to Countrywide group legal plan members. These are legal professionals who live in the community. A Countrywide lawyer will educate a plan member in the process. The attorneys work with public agencies routinely and know which desk to approach for filing.

Countrywide’s pre-paid legal services often complement each other. Attorneys can follow up on meetings with letters or telephone calls on behalf of the plan member. Countrywide can also review legal documents, prepare and file simple wills, and help with consumer protection complaints. Other support will depend on what the benefit plan document contains. What we can do is going to depend on what the client wants.

Decision-Makers Will Select

Countrywide has offered pre-paid legal services benefits for over 30 years. Our clients include organizations of all sizes and from different sectors of the economy. We believe a client’s workforce receives the best group legal plan benefits if the client’s management choose the services. We allow that a client may look at all our benefits and determine those services which their workforce needs. We will provide information on the various benefits and allow the client to determine what will be in their group legal plan.

People are frustrated and angry with any government delays. They tend to vent their anxiety concerns. Countrywide appreciates this state of mind. Our attorneys are patient and wait until all the concerns have been voiced. They will then seek the best means to help the plan member and offer suggestions on what to do.

We expect empathy to be a part of the package. Attorneys in the Countrywide network give a priority to our group legal plan members. We insist that each be treated with respect and the problems addressed. If a plan member has additional questions, we permit them to make an unlimited number of telephone calls to the lawyer on a given subject. The lawyers know this and have no problem handling such telephone calls. We want our plan members to know that answers to questions and solutions to challenges are an integral part of the service we offer.

Our attention to high-quality pre-paid legal services makes us a leader in the industry. Countrywide clients know that their employees are valued by the Countrywide attorneys and superior guidance is given. One thing people notice is that when a Countrywide lawyer is involved, the process of getting government help is easier and more direct. Those lawyers know how to steer a person towards the right office or how to complete an application. This kind of help makes dealing with public agencies less of a chore.

If you want to know more about Countrywide and our benefits, please contact us at your earliest convenience. We believe that we can provide the kind of service your workforce needs to handle everyday legal problems. We look forward to hearing from you and we want to answer your questions.