Why Not Buy A House? – Countrywide Helps Make the Dream Come True


It isn’t too early to plan for buying a house. Spring is the big season for house purchases and right now is a great time to organize finances. This is a major challenge for many first-time shoppers.

The house is often the most expensive acquisition an employee will make. This is a long-term commitment and personal budgets will be stretched. The ability to pay and the individuals overall financial wellness are primary pondering points. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services wants to help. We believe that the house buying process is bewildering to some folks and we have a benefit designed to assist shoppers.

Viewing the Buying Course

“Make Your Move” is the Countrywide self-study program for house buying. Real estate jargon is not always easy to understand, and the terms are confusing. How to work with a real estate agent, what qualifies a person for FHA financing and what to expect at closing are some of the topics covered.

Pitfalls and common mistakes are also covered in the course work. There are different types of mortgages and choosing the wrong one can be a financial wellness disaster. Countrywide gives good advice and guidance in the self-study course, so people are likely to choose the right mortgage plan. Of course, we do even more as part of our employee benefit.

Countrywide Offers Financial Wellness Support

Financing that big purchase is an obstacle. The down payment influences the size of the mortgage. Monthly payments should not stretch a person’s budget to the breaking point.

Countrywide has a national network of certified financial counselors. These professionals are interested in household budgets and helping plan members manage their finances. A budget analysis can be performed that includes suggestions as to how to afford monthly payments. A plan member might want to pay a large down payment to qualify for a conventional loan. The Countrywide counselor will do an asset inventory, which will uncover assets that an individual might sell to increase the size of the down payment offered.

Countrywide helps make house buying easier. A plan member can feel more confident about making the big step, knowing his or her financial wellness is secure. This benefit is something that employees of all ages can benefit from. It depends on what is included in the plan and that is something the client organization must decide.

Selection Is a Countrywide Ingredient

We have worked with all kinds of organizations and of all sizes for over 30 years. Despite all this experience, we do not pretend to know all about the demographics of each client. It is impossible to do that, and we want the clients to tell us what they want in their financial wellness plan. Decision-makers may want the house buying assistance and help with medical bills and are not interested in college loan support. We appreciate those differences and will include in the final plan document any selections made.

Our mission is two-fold: offer excellent financial wellness benefits and then deliver superior service. Our administration is tailored to provide quick response to any request. The counselors know they must give priority to Countrywide plan members. These experts understand that empathy and patience are expected. We want all our plan members to be served with consideration. We are proud to say that our counselors are some of the best as far as emotional intelligence is concerned.

There is no reason for anyone to forgo buying a house if they want one. Real estate can be a maze of paper, but Countrywide can help educate a person as well as help finance the decision. Our benefits are designed to help people with ordinary financial issues and we are a leader in the industry. Please feel free to contact us at your convenience and find out more about Countrywide.