A House is Waiting for You Countrywide is Here to Help


stockfresh_5532754_home-mortgage-concept_sizeS-300x300The national housing market is currently going gangbusters. Sales and prices are going up and there is a strong demand for houses, fueled by low mortgage rates and a desire to own property. The pandemic has made some alterations to what a buyer wants. Extra rooms make a house attractive since more people are looking to have workspaces.


 Some people might be frustrated because they cannot afford a house. The good news is that there is a rhythm to the housing market. The demand might soften and what is a sellers’ market can become a buyers’ market. There is time to get ready.


 However, many prospective buyers know nothing about house buying. It is a brave new world that scares first-time buyers. A lack of understanding can make someone ignore the essential features of a house. Worse still, an uninformed person might use the wrong mortgage financing and harm their financial wellness. Any way of educating a house shopper is deeply appreciated. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has a program, “Make Your Move,” to assist people in looking for a house.


A Sensible Way of Doing Things


The program is a self-study series that acquaints the learner with the real estate market and how to buy a house. It introduces a plan member to the main characters in the home buying drama. Healthy advice is given about what to look for in a house, an agent’s role, and the various means of financing the purchase. There are some tips on home buying that not everybody knows (e.g. the importance of location.).


The Right Financing Protects Financial Wellness


The traditional 30-year mortgage is just one of the ways of financing the mortgage. There are others, such as balloon mortgages available, and these may or may not what a person needs. Countrywide does not want to have anyone trapped in an unsuitable mortgage arrangement. The self-study program explains the pros and cons of various mortgage arrangements. The result can be an affordable mortgage that does not threaten financial wellness.


Should a buyer use FHA or a conventional bank? The self-study program discusses that. Both types of financing have advantages and disadvantages. Our program does not push one over the other but allows the financial wellness plan member to decide. We are giving information and suggestions. That is all.




One of Our Benefit Options


“Make Your Move” is one of the benefits Countrywide offers to prospective clients. Our financial wellness plan has several other services. Each one is intended to assist someone in dealing with ordinary economic situations. We can provide information on handling medical bills, college loan debt, and how to handle bankruptcy, among other benefits.


We want to point out that the client makes the final decision on the plan. We do not have a boilerplate design and will tailor a plan to the needs of the client. The decision-makers in the organization will decide what will be part of their unique program. Countrywide explains each service, and we will back up the selections made with some of the best member services in the industry. Our benefit provides an advantage to all the plan members.


Owning a home is important for employees. It is a source of pride and a sign of accomplishment for many people. We want our plan members to be able to sensibly buy a house where they can put down roots and raise a family. Make Your Move is how we assist.


If you have any questions about our benefits, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. We would appreciate the opportunity to share information with you and explain how the Countrywide financial wellness plan is a great benefit to offer to your employees.