Addressing the New Turnover Giving Employees a Reason to Stay

stockfresh_4689066_the-perfect-group-of-business-people_sizeM-300x221Employers face problems such as recessions and low sales figures now and then. They are used to these disturbances and learn how to deal with them. Now, something entirely new has surfaced, and it is bewildering management. It is called The Great Resignation.


Labor reports issued in August 2021 show 4.3 million employees quit their jobs. Reasons vary, but there are some common explanations. People enjoy remote working and expect employers to permit it. Other folks want to have a work schedule that coincides with daycare needs. Working conditions and benefits seem the most critical reasons for seeking greener pastures. The staff wants everything better.


The employee benefits most wanted affect personal economics. Healthcare and tuition reimbursement come to mind immediately. But increasingly, more folks want help with personal finances. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services have a financial wellness benefit that provides support with money issues.


Services Employees Will Appreciate


We use a national network of certified counselors who have expertise in dealing with everyday financial concerns. There is a counselor in every community with a Countrywide client. Contacting any counselor is easy.


A good benefit will do more than provide one service for employees. Each person has unique needs, and Countrywide has a program that will help in individual cases. For example, the financial wellness plan we provide includes several important ways of meeting employee needs.


*Budget analysis. Countrywide counselors will examine plan members’ personal budgets and make suggestions to allow that individual to pay bills and plan for future expenses quickly.


*Asset inventory. Many times, a person needs a substantial amount of money to make a purchase or pay a bill. Rather than before taking out a loan, this individual can have a Countrywide counselor do an asset inventory to discover what can be quickly sold for cash.


*Help with college debt. It is the biggest problem that young employees encounter, and Countrywide can develop a personal strategy to help plan members better manage those college debt balances.


*Medical bills. Older employees are very concerned with the cost of medical treatment. These are major, and the expertise of a Countrywide counselor helps a person pay for the medical procedures.


*Make Your Move. Other employees want to buy a house and do not know how to do it. Our self-study program allows an individual to be more aware of buying that piece of the American dream.


*Debt Management Plan. Unfortunately, some people have found themselves in a difficult financial situation. The debt management plan, which costs a little more, provides extensive financial wellness counseling and assistance to get out of a serious money problem.


Bankruptcy assistance. Some employees are in such a lousy fix that bankruptcy and foreclosure are real possibilities. Countrywide gives that extra support to allow a person to weather this storm.


We offer other financial wellness services, and we are ready and willing to explain everything to a prospective client.


Working with the Client Is Important


We hope that our benefit fits the needs of all employees. We guarantee that will happen by working closely with the client. Prospective clients are shown all of ours. We ask the decision-makers to select those services that will best suit the needs of their employees. Those selections are going to be part of the final plan document. Countrywide provides the administration and the member services. We continue close contact with all our clients to ensure that the financial wellness plan continues to meet the needs of the members.


The Great Resignation will be with us for some time to come, and it will change the nature of employee benefits. Countrywide believes that financial wellness is an effective means of not just attracting, but also retaining good employees. Are you interested in what we can provide? If so, please feel free to contact us at your convenience.


We look forward to explaining how we will benefit your employees