Powering Up the Legal Benefits Good Service is the Key Ingredient

benefits-300x135It is no secret that employee benefits are a way to keep your best employees. Retention has become a critical issue, and the statistics support that urgency. Approximately 4.3 million people left their jobs in August, and the Great Resignation has become a common phrase in our business language.

People appreciate any assistance that helps with daily life. Legal issues such as writing a simple will or a need to review legal documents are important, and group legal plans are created to address such important topics. However, what are the means used to deliver the help? Online templates, podcasts, and FAQ pages might be informative but are very impersonal. Additionally, these tools might not be fully responsive to what an employee needs. Personal communication is how a group legal plan can assist in retaining good folks. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services powers up its legal benefits by concentrating on direct contact.

We are in the Community

We are not a voice calling from a distant location. Countrywide has a nationwide network of certified counselors. There is one in each community that has a Countrywide client. Good rapport means a lot when pre-paid legal services are involved. Our group legal plan members have priority status, and personal conferences are easily arranged.

Plan members are concerned about their safety, and our attorneys will accommodate them. Social distancing and other COVID-19 safety procedures are followed. Our communications services are intended to make everything convenient for a group legal plan member. We permit an unlimited number of telephone calls to an attorney on a given topic. Suppose information must be gathered from outside sources to resolve an issue. In that case, a Countrywide attorney can make telephone calls on behalf of a member and write letters on legal stationery for that person.

Remote Employees Merit Special Attention

Remote work is what everybody wants right now, but there are some unique challenges. For example, those who work away from the office often feel alienated and not part of the communication loop. Their anxiety can be an obstacle to productivity.

Countrywide addresses that situation by insisting on emotional intelligence from all our attorneys. Our pre-paid legal services include an unpaid benefit, and that is empathy. The Countrywide attorney listens patiently to any group legal plan member. Our professionals know that each person has a unique situation and a unique challenge to deal with. Our attorneys will empathize with any plan member, carefully explain all legal terminology, and do their very best to make this person feel welcome and appreciated. We are proud of the positive responses from clients who are very satisfied with how we interact with their employees.

The Importance of Teamwork

We work hard to maintain a good relationship with all our clients, and that starts with designing the plan. We provide excellent benefits, but we know that not every one of them is what an organization’s workforce needs. We call upon the decision-makers to tell us what should be in the final plan. We explain all the benefits to a prospective client and answer any questions the organization might have. Then, we stand back and let the executives decide what options will be in the plan. We will put those selections in the plan document and adhere to them. We provide streamlined administration to get things done quickly, and we have superior member services, which helps employees better appreciate the pre-paid legal services benefit.

It cannot be understated how critical good benefits are right now. The Great Resignation will not disappear as employees realize their value and are willing to market their services elsewhere. We offer part of an employer’s comprehensive employee benefits program that stresses retention and excellent service. Countrywide benefits would be an exceptional addition to any employee benefits program.

If you want to know more about us, we invite you to contact us at your earliest convenience. Please feel free to ask any questions you like and expect answers from us. Help you keep those great employees who work for you