Avoid Holiday Traps with Consumer Protection Advice

Some of the Special Deals Aren’t That Great




Black Friday will soon be here, and the Merry mayhem of holiday shopping begins. People love to go out to the stores or go online to buy things at this time of year. The increased sales activity, however, brings with it a challenge. Consumer protection is something people don’t think about until they have to deal with a defective product. A group legal plan which assists in consumer protection activity is providing very worthwhile pre-paid legal services for the holidays.

Product Mistakes Will Happen

Selling defective products is not always intentional. Mistakes happen on the assembly line or in the delivery of goods. Nevertheless, no one needs to deal with a defective product. Some merchants are a little hesitant to reimburse customers. Perhaps it is because the defective product is expensive such as a washing machine or refrigerator. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services appreciates the frustration over defective merchandise in the holiday season. We have been providing group legal plan benefits for organizations since 1987, and consumer protection advice is one of the options we allow.

It is Easy to Work with a Countrywide Attorney

Some group legal plans make it difficult to arrange meetings with an attorney. It is not the case with Countrywide. We have a nationwide network of legal professionals who are ready to serve our group legal plan members. There is a Countrywide attorney close by, and arranging for the meeting is easy. Consumer protection may be a mystery to a plan member, and we encourage this person to ask as many questions as necessary. Even so, it is quite possible that some questions do not arise until after a conference with the attorney. It is not a big problem. Countrywide will allow an unlimited number of telephone calls in a given situation to the attorney. It helps relieve anxiety and remove confusion. There’s also a better chance of dealing with the problem correctly.

Consumer Protection is Better with Legal Guidance

The lawyer understands consumer protection and how the law applies in various circumstances. This legal expert can advise a plan member on how to approach a consumer protection complaint. Many times, it is little more than alerting the merchant or service provider to the problem. Countrywide attorneys can write letters on behalf of plan members and make telephone calls. This communication many times resolves the problem.

Our pre-paid legal services go a bit further. Processing a consumer complaint is bewildering to some folks. Countrywide attorneys have worked with public agencies and know what is necessary. Any formal complaint is processed with the right information and be the proper deadlines. Unfortunately, there are times when the other side becomes stubborn and refuses to cooperate. It may result in a small claims court case. Countrywide will assist in preparing the case for the bench. It is hoped that this does not get to court and Countrywide assist in all communication leading up to the actual day before the judge. This extra help is an example how our pre-paid legal services programs are comprehensive. We try to provide as much as practicable.

Choice is Part of Plan Design

We want our pre-paid legal services benefit programs to match the needs of a workforce. Clients are given the opportunity to choose what benefit options will be part of the plan. This may include drafting of simple wills, help with medical powers of attorney, or several other benefits that help a person deal with daily legal issues. No matter what is in the final plan Countrywide offers superior service.

Consumer protection is exactly that: protection for the consumer who purchases a product or service. People will not bother with a consumer pick complaint because they are afraid of the paperwork and all the process involved. A Countrywide group legal plan member has some of the best advice possible, and guidance, from attorneys. There is no reason not to process a legitimate complaint. Countrywide is there to help.

We want prospective clients to check our references and contact us with any questions. We are willing to answer any inquiries and explain our various benefit options in greater detail. Please feel free to get in touch with us at your convenience.