Home Seekers Need Housing Education

Knowledge Can Save a Buyer Thousands of Dollars



It is possible that the new tax reforms will change the housing industry. Changes in tax deductions can cause more people to rent, causing the price of housing to drop. It means that the house is no longer a financial investment but a home. It can cause a change in attitude for a lot of people because they may have to hold onto a house longer than they originally thought. Purchase of a house, therefore, becomes a long-term investment.

The house is also the largest investment most people will make in a lifetime. It is more complicated than a retail transaction. There are mountains of paperwork and procedures involved in the purchase. Not everybody understands how to qualify for a loan, but it is a very important part of the financial wellness issue. It also is true that some of the actors in the home investment process are not committed to helping people. We provide education to help homebuyer be a smart shopper.

Comprehensive Housing Education For Employees

Our program, “Make Your Move”, is a self-study course entitled make your move. The program informs plan members of:

  • What loans an individual may qualify for;
  • How much of a loan a person can get approval for from a lending situation;
  • How to stay clear of unscrupulous lenders;
  • Information that you will need to apply for a loan;
  • Credit history and why it matters.

The goal is to transfer necessary knowledge to someone who may be a first-time homebuyer. The success of “Make Your Move” is reflected in purchases that are sensible, affordable mortgage loans, and the ability of the buyer to be able to afford the house.

Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has designed group legal plans for years and built a reputation for excellence. We are committed to giving the very best service to financial wellness plan members. We have certified housing counselors who will provide information and guidance when it comes to housing financing and problems arising from it.

House Buying Can B Risky

A primary challenge is the threat of foreclosure. That happens when a person is not able to pay the mortgage and sees no alternative. The Countrywide counselor will discuss loan modifications, how short sales can end the difficulty, and other means by which a person escapes financial ruin

The Countrywide counselors teach a lesson, but they will not preach a sermon. Ultimately, it is the decision of the financial wellness plan member whether to follow the advice provided. Some suggestions may be hard to accept, but it is important to know that Countrywide wants to help a person avoid bankruptcy, foreclosure, or anything that may threaten credit history and chances for future home purchases.

Employees Expect Assistance

Current survey data suggests that increasingly more employees want help with financial wellness. They expect employers to be willing to assist. The Countrywide program is a good way to provide what employees need. We have a number of options that are intended to provide solutions to everyday financial problems, including student loan payments.

Any employee benefit must provide as much service to as many members of the workforce as possible. Countrywide lets clients choose what benefits will be part of their financial wellness plan. It permits decision-makers to tailor the program to fit the exact needs of the staff. Countrywide provides efficient administration and counselors with superior people skills. Every plan member is made to feel respected, and they receive priority from the counselors.

Buying a house is exciting. Having a home with bedrooms and a garage allows a person to have a great deal of self-satisfaction. The process does not have to be a major mystery if the buyer knows what to do. Countrywide hopes to provide the education to allow for a sensible property purchase. Comments and feedback from plan members let us know that we have been successful in doing that so far.

We have other financial wellness benefit options that an organization should think about adopting. We encourage decision-makers to get in touch with us and find out as much as possible about Countrywide and its programs.