Avoiding Will Drafting Problems

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Sensible people though how critical it is to have a will. It is the main way to prevent hassles in probate court and see to it beneficiaries receive their portion of the state. Many people want to use online will writing services, but that is not a good idea. It is better to use a group legal plan. The online sites appear convenient, but they come with some significant drawbacks. One is the template itself. It might not te right one for the state in which you reside. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services will offer the kind of assistance needed to write a solid will.

There is a More to Writing a Simple Will

A simple will of just a few pages may not seem like a major project. That is not the case at all. There is language that has to be in a simple will to protect beneficiaries and to make certain that an individual’s wishes are carried out. The regulations covering wills are not cast in stone. Laws regarding probate may change, but there’s no guarantee the templates are going to be current. There is the risk of the drafted will be declared invalid. The pre-paid legal services offered by a group legal plan can help write an effective will.

Death is a fact of life but so are changes. Circumstances are going to evolve over time and will affect beneficiaries and estate executors. A plan member may want to change beneficiaries, or the amount each beneficiary is going to receive. If it that happens, or if the executor or beneficiary dies before a plan member, it is not a problem. Countrywide sends annual reminders to plan members about updating a will. It means that a sudden death will not cause a later catastrophe.

Countrywide Gives Better Service

A Countrywide lawyer provides service an online template cannot. This is an individual who you can talk to you face-to-face if you need to do that. You also have the possibility of unlimited telephone calls on a given situation. A relationship develops that helps draft a will. The Countrywide attorney will point out possible problems in what the plan member wants to do. Recommending different alternatives, the lawyer prevents problems from cropping up later on.

The assistance is essential. A poorly drafted will is going to result in problems which may cause probate court to intervene. A worst-case scenario happens when the court assigns an administrator. This person reports directly to the court and can result in considerable delays.

It is One of Our Benefit Options

A simple will is the most common pre-paid legal services benefit used. There are other options we have that can help. Establishing medical powers of attorney or reviewing contracts or items that could be a part of a Countrywide group legal plan. However, the client decides what is going to be in the document.

Decision-makers are in a better position to know what their employees need then we are. The client can determine which benefits are best suited for the organization’s workforce. They are what will be part of the final plan. Countrywide guarantees that no matter what is in the final plan document, superior service and excellent people skills will be a part of the relationship.

Writing a will is just one of the services that Countrywide will provide. We have been in the business of administering pre-paid legal services since 1987, and we worked with organizations of all sizes. A group legal plan is one of the best benefits that an employer can provide for the employees. It helps deal with difficulties that arise due to legal paper or procedure. Decision-makers are invited to contact us at their earliest convenience about the Countrywide plans. We are positive that what we offer is precisely what the employees need.