Millennials Can Beat the Debt

Good Advice is Essential


Millennials are becoming a dominant force in the working world. These people have incredible talent and desire to succeed. They’re the kind of workers every organization would love to have, and they are faced with severe financial wellness challenges. Youth and enthusiasm are being confronted by debt. These young people are coming into the working world with burdens, not faced by earlier generations. These include:

  1. College Loan Obligations. Many have college loan debts that are in the five and even six figures. After the six-month grace period is finished, the bills for payment come into their mailbox. The size of some of these bills can force Millennials to make drastic changes in their decisions for the future, including whether to buy a house or have children.
  2. Credit Card Debt. Recent college graduates are targets for many credit card companies. These financial institutions offer incredible interest discounts to get younger workers signed up. Millennials will run up credit card debt in a short period. Forgetting to pay even one bill can result in trouble.

The conundrum facing millennials is the amount of debt they encounter as they begin their working careers. This debt lingers on and can get worse. It helps if these people are given some sense of direction. Having access to a professional can map out a means of dealing with debt can reduce anxiety considerably. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services is here to provide that kind of assistance.

Dealing with the Whole Puzzle

Millennials deal with a comprehensive debt picture that also includes car loans and medical bills. It can get bewildering when a request for payments come in all during the month. Countrywide has developed a nationwide network of certified counselors to help deal with the problem. These are people who have dealt with debt before and are expert in the advice they provide. A budget analysis is done to determine income and expenses. Armed with this information, the certified counselor works with financial wellness plan member to develop methods of payment. This may include debt consolidation or seeking other means of paying for college debt. What is important to keep in mind is that a Countrywide financial wellness program provides solid support. None of our counselors are scam artists; they are concerned about the client there are situations where debt management plan, which cost a little extra, may be recommended. This is not a bad thing. The debt management plan developed may convince creditors to readjust payments.

A Way of Managing Millennials

Organizations want to have millennial employees because of the expertise such people bring to work for teams. Helping these folks with their debts is a way of showing sensitivity and concern. Getting assistance with financial wellness often means more than a paycheck. Organizations do want to have benefits that fit the needs of the workforce. Countrywide believes that allowing choice will make this happen. Clients may select from all our financial wellness options what will be in their program. Countrywide will back up their selections with superior administration and excellent client service. No financial wellness plan member is made to wait for the help required. Our counselors also are aware that Countrywide plan members must be given top priority.


The Millennial employee comes into the workforce with unique challenges, and this individual also has expectations of an employer which must be met. It is understood if such an employee does not feel appreciated, he or she is going to be looking for another company. Countrywide benefits are excellent means of retaining badly needed talent. Our benefit options all address the financial wellness needs of any employee. We would welcome the opportunity to explain our services and encourage decision-makers to contact us