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Millennials and recent graduates take center stage in a lot of business discussions. They certainly are important, but they are not the only people in the office. Middle-aged employees can be found in cubicles and on project teams, contributing their knowledge and experience to the youth and enthusiasm of other employees. They cannot be ignored and they have financial wellness issues. Employers need to recognize that.

There Can Be Some Anxious Moments

Those who have loyally worked for years are looking at the future with much anxiety. They are not in college, but they have children who will be going into college and facing major debts. Medical bills are not something middle-aged employees take lightly Paying these obligations can destroy fragile budgets. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services knows about the worry level of employees who are over 40 years old. We have a financial wellness program that also benefits these people.


Millennials have a good reason to celebrate a job offer. It is perhaps the first real job they have ever had, and it means a regular paycheck. Everything seems to be going just right until a certain bill comes into the house which can threaten their financial wellness. It is a notice that payment on their college loan is due. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a government loan, either. It could be loan payment required by a bank or some other institution that does not offer a grace period. The notice can turn a person’s world upside down.

College Debt Cannot Be Ignored

College debt is a major problem and the amount a new employee owes can be substantial. The payment requirement can be as much as their current rent or house payment. The new employee is not someone who is financially savvy. This person might either ignore the notice entirely or seek some drastic means like filing for bankruptcy. It doesn’t have to be this way at all. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services is here to help.

Ignorance, or not knowing what to do, is the biggest obstacle for any Millennial. Their friends might recommend forbearance but that only delays the inevitable. Countrywide believes that education and good advice is the best remedy for college debt. We have a nationwide network of certified counselors. These people are professionals who are there to help people in need of good information; the kind to get them out of a financial mess. Continue reading


Older people often accuse Millennials of being irresponsible and spendthrift. They frown at some of the things that Millennials do and believe these younger people do not understand value. Millennials do care about their money but there’s something different about our society that wasn’t there 20 or 30 years ago. It is spending opportunities more than any baby boomer ever confronted.

The reach of social media and the Internet is very extensive. Consumers are bombarded with ads not only on their laptop but also on their mobile devices. Companies have made it incredibly easy for a consumer to purchase something online. The spending opportunities can pose a threat to financial wellness. Millennials need some good advice and Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has much to offer.
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It is almost ironic how a person’s financial wellness is affected by health. What appears to be a robust bank account, full of savings, can be depleted by one hospital bill. It can come as a shock.

People take for granted that their medical coverage will take care of much of their bill and that is often true. Nevertheless, there is deductible, and deductible amounts have risen steadily over the last few years.  Domestic accounts can go into a tailspin due to a medical procedure or therapy. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services understands the threat that medical bills have to the health of a person’s finances. We have a program intended to provide necessary advice.

Any correspondence from a health insurance company can frighten a person. An Explanation Of Benefits (EOB) is not a bill but some people think it is. Reading causes a certain amount of worry until the individual finally calms down. The anxiety is the result of not having enough information Continue reading



Let’s face it, social media is a blessing and a curse. The platforms allow us to access a world of opportunity and knowledge. They also invite us to increase our debt, by making it easy to purchase items that we may not necessarily need.

The same is true for plastic. Credit and debit cards permit us to go around without having a lot of cash in our wallets. Retailers know that people who shop with plastic will buy a little bit more and they encourage the use. These bills are in addition to traditional debt such as mortgages and car loans. It comes as no surprise that financial wellness comes under threat from these conveniences. It does not take long before somebody is drowning in a sea of red ink. Continue reading

Protect Financial Wellness with Medical Powers of Attorney

The Right Decisions Are Made by the Right Person

Achieving financial wellness is more than investing in stocks and bonds. It also means making sure there are no obstacles to financial assets, including a person’s estate. Medical powers of attorney might not seem like an essential group legal plan benefit, but it is. It prevents an emergency from becoming a disaster.

Taming the College Debt Monster


Professional Advice Manages the Cost


College debt is a national problem and will continue to be for some time. Politicians need to find a way to reform the situation but until then there are thousands of Millennials dealing with millions of dollars of owed money. Forward-thinking companies recognize the danger to the financial wellness of their Millennial employees. College debt can easily overwhelm anyone.

Where the Trouble Begins

What started the problem? Are new college graduates just irresponsible? The answer is complicated. Many young people go into college debt because they cannot afford the tuitions alone and going without a college degree can harm a career. They do not always know the terms and conditions of their loans. The amount of debt is so large for many graduates they will choose to ignore the payment until it is no longer possible. That is when an emergency strikes.

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You Can Make a House a Home

Buying a House Can Be Easy


Cable television shows make house buying appear easy. Purchases don’t seem to have much stress or problem but that is really not true. Buying a house is the largest single expense most people will incur in their lives. While it is something that makes them feel proud, it could also pose a threat to financial wellness. Someone who is not adequately ready may discover the mortgage payments eat up the budget.
Television shows will recommend creative financing. Balloon mortgages and other means of financing are considered smart by some so-called experts. While certain budgets can handle this, others can fall apart when a balloon mortgage suddenly gets out of control. People need to have good advice when it comes to buying a house. They need to understand what is involved. It means they need education and Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services can help.

Make Your Move Will Help

Countrywide’s Make Your Move is an online self-education course. It guides the first homebuyer through all the ins and outs of purchasing a house. It contains the kind of information any consumer will need to protect financial wellness in the face of purchasing a home.
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Our Program Comes to Your Financial Rescue




You might think that all debt problems arise from plastic but that is not true. Granted, people often create large credit card amounts by spending. However, these are usually controllable. What drives an individual into financial wellness difficulty are sudden expenses. These could be medical bills, having to buy a new car, or sudden family emergency. The situation can get serious quickly.

Debt Management Plans Prevent Panic

Many employees live from paycheck to paycheck. They may be able to just barely get to the end of the month with the budget they have. A sudden financial emergency can turn matters into a train wreck. The person could panic and consider filing for bankruptcy which is not a good idea. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has a financial wellness program that includes a debt management plan. It is something to be used in extreme cases.
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Forbearance or Bankruptcy are Not the Only Options




Many recent college graduates may be facing a serious financial wellness issue in the coming weeks. The grace period provided by many college loan programs is ending, and a person must face the reality of making payments. This can cause an enormous amount of anxiety and lead to some very poor decisions if an individual does not get the right advice.

Counselors Outline the Options

The enormity of the debt is something most young people never encountered before. The debt can be as large as a house mortgage, and the figures can be bewildering. There are various options, such as forbearance, but these might not be the best alternatives. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services does not want to see anybody caught in a financial mess. We have a financial wellness program to help.
The challenge can is easily resolved by knowing more about personal money. College graduates don’t always understand budgets and consequently come up short at the wrong time of the month. Countrywide has certified counselors whose first active service is to help newcomers to the working world prepare a budget. The professionals will look at income expenses and determine if any reallocation of funds can be accomplished. Continue reading