Consumer Protection is a Countrywide Benefit We Protect Plan Members from Fraud


Consumer protection Internet boards try to make fraud nonexistent. Consumers can alert others to faulty products with their posted comments but, unfortunately, it does not mean that the problems go away. There still are merchants who have no problem committing consumer fraud and depriving people of their money.

Consumer Protection Complaints Become Frustrating

These unscrupulous merchants rely on public ignorance of how to process a consumer protection complaint. Moreover, they will use vaguely worded documents to protect themselves. Too often people get warrantees for the wrong services, or do not get what they asked for in merchandise. It can be difficult for somebody to file a consumer protection claim alone. It is more than just the paperwork which will cause frustration.

Evidence of shoddy craftmanship or proof of a deliberate attempt at fraud are critical parts of any consumer protection complaint. It can get complicated and people give up pursuing the case due to frustration or just an inability to file properly. The unethical merchants count on this, and many are not too concerned about threats of filing a case. They know all too well how things will fall apart. It makes it important to have a seasoned professional working with an employee.

Group legal plans need to have a way of protecting people and Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has an option for computer protection assistance.

We Count on Professionals

Countrywide has a nationwide network of attorneys who are familiar with consumer protection. These professionals know the ins and outs of filing a consumer protection complaint. They know what it takes to get a complaint recognized and have the problem solved in favor of the group legal plan member. Their ability to help complete the paperwork and organize the evidence are reasons why Countrywide plan members are successful.

Countrywide has other pre-paid legal services options that back up the consumer protection. Our attorneys can interpret contracts and other legal documents up six pages long. Moreover, the Countrywide attorney can make telephone calls and write letters on legal stationary to the other party. This type of communication alerts the offender that there is attorney involved and that they better take the complaint seriously.

Guidance from an attorney matters in filing a consumer protection complaint. Inaccurate paperwork will result in the complaint being rejected. Countrywide attorneys know what to do. These professionals will assist a group legal plan member in preparing the complaint and gathering the evidence. A Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services benefit will help with government agencies. If this is an option in the plan, the attorney will help make contact with the right public officials.

It’s important to know the value of our attorneys. The complaints filed with their guidance have an excellent chance of being upheld. Countrywide checks the paperwork prior to submission and closes any gaps in the consumer’s argument.

Pre- paid legal services must be personal. The plan member needs to know what can and cannot be done. It is easy to set up a meeting with a Countrywide attorney. They are close by and give our group legal plan members priority.

Our attorney provides a human touch. Emotional intelligence is important for excellent members service. We carefully scan lawyers for empathy and strong personal skills. Those qualities must be obvious before any legal professional becomes part of our network.

We cannot guarantee the results of any cause of protection action. Nevertheless, Countrywide provides pre-paid legal services many consumers cannot access. We give our plan members the type of attention that their employers expect of any benefits plan. Decision-makers should know that we do our best for their employees. We welcome the chance to explain what we do with consumer protection a little bit further. If you have an interest, please feel free to contact us at your convenience.