Don’t Give Up on Your Dreams They Can Come True


Everyone has dreams. It might be starting a family, buying a house, or anything requiring a sizable cash investment. Recent college graduates, unfortunately, feel their dreams are slipping away. The reason is their student loans

The Debt Is Staggering

Many of these young employees leave school with five or six figures of debt burden. The obligations will take years or even decades to pay off. The size of the debt is life altering for many. They must either delay certain decisions, such as starting a family, or even forego dreams entirely. There are college graduates who are making good wages but don’t understand budgeting. The entire situation increases anxiety and frustration in highly talented workers. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services wants to help these young people realize their dreams. We offer a financial wellness program that works.

Our program is based on a nationwide network of certified counselors. They are financial wellness professionals who are familiar with college loan debt. College graduates might not be familiar with ways to restructure payments. Our counselors will help. They explore all the debt relief options and clear a path to fiscal sanity.

Realistic Personal Budgets Are Created

The obligation is intimidating. Too much debt can lead to drastic decisions such as declaring bankruptcy or relying too much on the forbearance either could harm credit. Our counselors will help structure personal budgets for a plan member, giving that person a better idea of cash flow thanks to a counselor. We stress personal rapport with the client. Face-to-face meetings with a counselor possible and easy to arrange.

We want to help a plan member plan. Countrywide provides budget analysis and asset inventory. We have a self-study program “Make Your Move,” which will instruct a person out how to afford a house. The Countrywide services allow a plan member to consider major investments once again.

Morale Is Boosted

Decision makers recognize the employee demand for financial wellness help. They want such benefits to reflect the needs of the staff. Countrywide understands an employer needs choice. A prospective client can pick and choose from among our options. Countrywide sees to it there is no problem getting the service. Our counselors are easy to contact, and they must give priority to a Countrywide plan member. We have an administration which is deliberately streamlined for fast, efficient service delivery.

We hope that with the help of our certified counselors these new employees are not as frustrated as before, they discover solutions to those problems which were, to them, depressing.

Renewed confidence is a serious financial wellness benefit. A college graduate can control debt, and Countrywide can help. Those plan members whose debt has gone out of control might consider our debt management plan. Our debt management plan does cost a bit more, but the plan member learns how to turn around a desperate situation. Ongoing counseling and create a plan of action are some of the services of this program. A person can regain a solid financial footing and boost his or her credit scores.

Positive Outcomes from Financial Wellness

We also have bankruptcy counseling to get folks out of a mess. Our clients appreciate our financial wellness efforts because of the positive effects. Wage garnishment disappears as employees take control of their finances. Moreover, productivity on the work floor and in the office improves. People who are not weighed down by financial woes can concentrate on projects. The program is a win – win benefit: employers and employees experience positive results.

We say that young employees should not have to let go of their dreams. Owning a house or being debt-free are not impossible goals. These dreams are achievable, and Countrywide will assist in making them come true.

We offer financial wellness benefits which help employees deal with everyday financial problems. Please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience and ask all the questions you want. We look forward to answering each one. road-to-recovery-300x300