Consumers Need Protecting!

Countrywide Lawyers Can Help


Consumer protection laws maintain the health and safety of the American consumer. Statutes protect the person from faulty products, poor service, and essentially unethical practices in the marketplace. Many understand this but do not file a complaint. It is because they do not have the services of a group legal plan they are hesitant.

There is a Method to be Followed

Consumer protection is a process to get justice. There are forms to be filed, evidence to be collected, and deadlines here and there to be met. The unethical and unscrupulous vendor or merchant knows this, and they will act with impunity because they know the complexity of the procedure. Most people don’t understand what to do and therefore did not make use of the laws. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services wants to help. Consumer protection is one of our services. It is a benefit option which allows a person to seek a remedy four poor service or products.

Those employees who are part of a Countrywide group legal plan have access to an attorney who is close by. Our nationwide network is there to provide help when called upon. A face-to-face conference can be scheduled easily. The attorney, as part of the pre-paid legal services, goes over a given situation with the plan member. These attorneys are very familiar with consumer protection law and will explain the nuances. The lawyer will decide whether there is a legitimate claim for service. Evidence about a faulty product or bad service efficiently organized because a Countrywide attorney is involved.

A Lawyer’s Assistance is Valuable

The lawyer will suggest how the evidence is to be best organized and the way to explain the situation to the appropriate consumer protection agency. A group legal plan member can then begin the process of filing a claim. The process of consumer protection claims filing can be lengthy. A person wants to get a solution quickly, and Countrywide can assist. Our attorneys can make telephone calls and write letters on behalf of a Countrywide plan member. The attorney can contact the offending company and let them know that a claim is currently being processed against him. The not too subtle message is it might be better to settle things before a public agency makes a formal contact. Many times, this is all that is necessary to have the matter closed. Having a Countrywide attorney truly does make a difference

Clients Tell Us What They Want

Any employee benefit must provide the best service for the money paid. Countrywide has worked with companies since 1987, and we know that the demographics vary from one group to the other. Clients are encouraged to select those benefit options best suited for their employees. While it is possible that a client organization may choose medical powers of attorney over consumer protection, Countrywide does not press the issue. We want the organizations to choose what’s best. The options will all be part of the final group legal plan document. It is a known fact that high-quality service will be available regardless of what is in the plan. Our administration is intentionally as simple as possible to make service easier to provide.

No one needs to endure faulty service or poor commodities. Consumer protection is there to protect, but a person should be able to file claims properly. It is not easy, but it is not impossible, either. Anyone can be successful with a consumer protection claim if he or she has the best legal service. Countrywide provides the kind of assistance necessary and in other areas as well. I’ll benefit options help with modern-day problems. We encourage decision-makers to contact us at their convenience.