Reducing Millennial Anxiety

Financial Worries Can be Reduced


A MetLife study on employee benefits trends discovered millennials are very risk adverse when it comes to finances. They are frightened about the possible loss of income and health costs is something they dread. Of course, for many of them college debt obligations cause nightmares. The high anxiety these young people experience about finances make financial wellness benefits very important.

Sign of the Times

The millennial generation grew up in a period of severe financial distress. The Great Recession of 2008 played a role, but the cost of college tuition increased the worry these recent graduates have. They have an almost instinctive anxiety that their budgets will not cover all their expenses. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has a great deal of empathy for this population. We have a financial wellness plan to help them sort out their financial issues to arrive at a sensible strategy.

Expert Counselors Will Help

Our certified counselors are at the core of the service. They are individuals who help people with their financial challenges daily. They are very aware of the millennial problems and can provide valuable assistance. The foundation of the service is a budget analysis. While millennials are technically very adept, they may have no idea of how to allocate money. The counselor will sit down with a plan member and go through income and expenses. Major cost areas are identified such as college debt or credit card issues. The counselor can offer various options, including debt consolidation and college loan payment plans, with the objective of ending the madness.

Millennials are victims of a lack of knowledge. Our counselors are reservoirs of financial expertise and provide a very worthwhile service. Situations that have gotten out of hand may require the use of the Debt Management Plan. It does cost a little bit extra, but it can rescue an employee from a distressed financial situation. A plan member never gets a lecture from one of our counselors. We respect these younger employees and treat them like adults. The intention is to bring an end to a very pressing problem.

Providing an Affordable Competitive Edge

The millennial difficulty with finances has prompted calls for larger amounts of tuition assistance, and even financial help in paying off college loans. These can be very expensive but trying to attract millennial talent will make employers consider taking on such expenses. Countrywide offers a viable alternative that doesn’t cost as much. Often, a millennial simply needs a plan and good advice. We can provide that for the workforce of any organization. We have been providing benefits to organizations of all sizes for 30 years. We know the best way of designing good employee benefits.

It is providing choice. Our financial wellness plan is drafted with the insights of the client. Help with college debt might be very important while education buying a house is not. We want our clients to pick those financial wellness options deemed essential to employees. We do not insist on certain benefits be included but will respect the wishes of a client. We backup the selections with a very efficient administration and prompt service. Our counselors give Countrywide financial wellness plan members priority and make the time needed to help. The Countrywide attention to service is the primary reason why so many clients like doing business with us.

Employee benefits evolve to better respond to the needs of employees. The Countrywide financial wellness plan can also help other folks in dealing with their financial condition. What is important is to find out what countrywide offers and then make a selection. Therefore, we encourage decision-makers to contact us about our programs. What we offer can make life a lot easier for any employee, whether this person is a millennial or an older individual. We invite contact and encourage questions which we will answer completely.