It Will Be to Your Credit

Plastic Cards Do Not Need to Rule Your Life


Folks often live by credit, and that plastic will destroy financial wellness. The tragedy happens when people forget the small print credit card companies are so famous for writing. Within the agreement for a credit card are stipulations for penalties and interest rates. They can be very sobering.

Make no mistake about it; financial institutions make a lot of money from credit card interest. Double-digit interest charges are standard, and this is at a time when the prime rate is incredibly low. The loss of financial wellness may not be due to the purchase but of the interest charged on the credit balance. People look for ways to get out from underneath the load but don’t always understand what to do.

Beware of the Fine Print

Balance transfer offers may come in almost daily and are very tempting. They suggest that it’s easy to use them to pay off outstanding balances. That goes in some cases, but a person must be careful. The fine print of any transfer agreement has consequences. Failure to pay on time can eliminate any benefit, and can even result in higher interest rates placed on the transferred amount. It is all the paperwork that unfortunately sometimes people ignore Paying the minimum required is sometimes a good strategy, but other times it is not. An individual needs good information and advice to know the difference. Countrywide Pre- Paid Legal Services offers that kind of expertise.

We have a nationwide network of certified counselors who are committed to helping people with the financial wellness. These experts know the ins and outs of dealing with credit. They understand the impact on a person’s budget. Balance transfers are a legitimate way to deal with credit debt, but a person should know what the agreement requires. The Countrywide counselor will note the fine print and alert the plan member to it.

Starting with the Basics

The Countrywide service begins with a budget analysis. Our counselor will look at a person’s income and expenses, particularly what the situation is with credit cards. The budget review will also note where the money is going and suggest possible ways to pay down the balances better. Plan members might not have any idea of where the money is going. Our counselors will make suggestions on possible means of stretching the dollars, and what to do as far as credit card balance payments. Some cards may still require just the minimum amount while the monthly payment of other cards are increased. The ultimate objective is to either eliminate the balances entirely or bring them to manageable levels. Our counselors can provide alternatives which ordinarily are unnoticed.

The Client Gets to Decide

Countrywide has some possibilities which can be part of a financial wellness plan, including housing education, help with managing college debt, and how to deal with medical bills. We believe in choice when it comes to the final plan document. Our clients can select what options they wish to have in the final design. We will include them in the plan. Any client can expect to get superior customer service from Countrywide. Our counselors give priority to our financial wellness plan members and treat all of them with courtesy. Countrywide administration is designed so that service is there quickly and efficiently.

It is possible to take control of your credit card balances and pay them off. What is needed is a strategy and right tactics to achieve the results. Countrywide has the financial wellness program you need to bring the balance and maintain sound financial security. This type of support is what employees need to deal with present day financial situations. We would welcome the opportunity to explain all our benefits to interested people. We encourage them to contact us as soon as possible.