Countrywide Resolves Warranty Problems

The Language Need Not Be Confusing



Consumers like warranties. The possibility of getting reduce costs on repairs and new parts is attractive, and car dealers and other merchants are willing to sell warranties to the public. These business people know that warranties are rarely invoked, and the selling price is easy cash. Nevertheless, warranties are sometimes cited in repair work, and people run into problems. Group legal plan assistance is necessary to unravel the mess.

It is All Bout Words and Phrases.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and After Market Parts are common phrases in an automobile warranty but are unfamiliar to most people. Not knowing the language is perhaps the biggest difficulty with warranties. Countrywide has a nationwide network of attorneys who are well-versed in the language. One of the pre-paid legal services these professionals provide is to interpret the warranty itself. A meeting with a Countrywide lawyer will help uncover the problems and provide clarity.

Obtaining the benefit can also be a challenge if a local branch hesitates to honor a warranty issued by the home office. The Countrywide lawyer will be able to point out what is required, and what to expect. Disputes over interpretation melt away as the attorney points out the real meaning of the words.

Ending Hesitation Through Communication

Having a lawyer available is a great benefit. The pre-paid services of a Countrywide group legal plan have communication as a centerpiece. The face-to-face meetings between a plan member and a Countrywide attorney are easy to arrange because our lawyers are in the area. We also permit telephone calls to be made on behalf of the plan member by the attorney, and letters to be written on official stationery. Legal powers of persuasion can be introduced into a dispute, and the other side begins to see reason through the lawyer’s comments. It is always possible that the vendor will still refuse to honor a warranty. If that is the case, a Countrywide group legal plan might also have services allowing the attorney to help with prepare evidence for a case argued in small claims court.

Choice is Essential

A Countrywide benefit might not allow for assistance with a small claims case. It is because our plans are not boilerplate documents.

Clients can decide what Countrywide options will be part of their pre-paid legal services plan. It allows these decision-makers to craft a benefit that best suits the demographics of their workforce. Drafting simple wills maybe something the organization wants, while help with government agencies might not be important. It makes no difference to Countrywide because we are committed to providing service for all options. Our administration is designed to provide fast service, and our attorneys are expected to have excellent communication skills. The intent is to offer a benefit that is easy-to-use and comfortable to work with. Plan members always comment on the high quality of the Countrywide benefits. Our services are how pre-paid legal services work when the administrator cares.

We recommend that a person read a warranty carefully before deciding to buy it. Countrywide plan member may have a lawyer look at the document and help that individual decide whether to buy the service or not. Anyone who uses this cautionary suggestion will benefit. A plan member may have some questions later about the warranty, and that is certainly not a problem. We allow for an unlimited number of telephone calls on a given matter. This provides additional clarity which is appreciated by plan members.

Countrywide has designed group legal plan benefits for organizations since 1987, and we have worked with all types of employers. We hope that prospective clients have questions because we want to answer all of them. Please contact us at your earliest convenience and let us explain the Countrywide difference to you. We look forward to that conversation.