Dealing with Deductibles

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We do not yet know what the future is going to hold for health insurance. There’s been talk of amending the Affordable Care Act, if not doing away with it entirely. No matter what Congress decides, many people are faced with the deductible on their insurance policy. This can be a real nightmare which can balloon out of control.

Deductibles Are a Cost Factor

The reason for the medical debt increase is simple. A person may have a policy with a $5000 deductible. It means that the deductible must be paid out of pocket before the insurance assumes payment of the health costs. A person may have reached the deductible in 2016, but everything starts all over again in 2017, and the deductible must be met for that year. When treatments cross over into the new year, the deductible still has to be fulfilled under new year’s amounts.

It is unfortunate, but sometimes healthcare facilities play hardball. The accounts receivable department wants its money and has no problem calling in collection agencies. Financial wellness sometimes is imperiled by this kind of behavior and an individual can get understandably very nervous. Countrywide Pre-Paid Financial Services understands the stress. We have a financial wellness program to help.

Countrywide Gives Great Service

Some vendors will rely on web pages to provide needed information to a plan member. That may be efficient for the vendor, but it does not really help the person. A plan member ordinarily is in a high state of anxiety and could use a personal touch. Countrywide emphasizes courtesy and understanding. We have a nationwide network of certified counselors and getting an appointment is not that difficult.

A certified counselor will sit down with a plan member and do a budget analysis to help in drafting a spending plan. It many times happens that a healthcare facility wants to work with the individual in paying off the debt. Counselors who work within our personal medical assistance plan are going to look at all the possible ways of easy repayment of the deductible amounts. This kind of advice is what allows a person to stay away from a bankruptcy filing.

Our counselor may recommend a debt management plan, and this is going to cost a little bit more. Nevertheless, a path to financial wellness is constructed, and the overwhelming anxiety starts to fade away.

Our financial wellness program has a particular appeal for an employer. Organizations will have higher deductibles to keep claims experience and employee premiums down. Our medical debt assistance plan allows an employer to help employees better adjust to personal costs.

Clients are encouraged to look at all our financial wellness options. We have a comprehensive list, and we are convinced that several options would be very attractive to any client. No matter what is chosen, however, Countrywide stands by its commitment to provide the very best service.

Patient and Reliable Help

We insist that our counselors take the time and show the patience required help a person through a financial difficulty. No question is too small to answer, and everyone is treated with an enormous amount of respect. That is a trademark of Countrywide for all our benefit programs. The client takes priority, and the plan members are valued. These are reasons why many clients enjoy working with us.

Countrywide has worked with organizations since 1987 and our goal is to offer superior service. Medical expenses do not have to be a nightmare and deductible payments can be managed. Countrywide offers the type of help to relieve any stress brought on by medical bills. We encourage decision makers to contact us and find out more about our program.