You Deserve Good Government

woman shouting into smartphoneThe first experience many people have with government service is being placed on hold. This is not because some social worker is going on a coffee break, but the individual has accidentally contacted the wrong office. It happens when people do not understand how to get through all the various steps getting needed assistance. A group legal plan must be able to help a person walk through the forest.

The government is a part of our society and provides necessary service. Items such as veterans’ benefits, special education for children, and transportation help are just some of the support that can be provided for those who need it. The trouble can be which branch to approach. Certain government assistance comes from the federal level, and others will be from the state or local public offices. Many times, it helps if your pre-paid legal services allow for assistance with government agencies. It can be as simple as knowing the right person to call. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has worked with organizations since 1987 to make life easier for employees. One element of a Countrywide group legal plan can be help dealing with government bureaucracies.

Policies and Procedures

It is not true that public employees are trying to confuse anyone deliberately. These hard-working people must work with individual policies and procedures which govern their activities. Countrywide has a network of attorneys will provide pre-paid legal services for plan members. Any attorney will sit down with an individual and sort out what must be done in each situation. It can often be something as simple as filing a given form. However, that same form may have a very specific deadline, and the attorney will point that out. There’s also the concern of getting it to the right office.

Attorneys are in the community. They know which agency must be approached and how it is best done. People often get frustrated by the process and give up. Countrywide lawyers are very client sensitive. They can gently show a flustered individual what should be done and how easy it truly can be. The result is properly filed paperwork and services performed as anticipated.

Employers Expect the Best

Good employers know that their employees do not want window dressing for benefits. Whatever is part of the benefits package must be the kind of aid that will be used. Countrywide is proud of the options that are available for a group legal plan. We understand that employers want to craft just the right program for their employees. Consequently, we will allow a client to choose from among the options. There are some such as drafting simple wills which are important, and others that might not be as necessary. What we offer are the best pre-paid legal services in the industry. The client can decide what will be in the plan document.

We also have the best service to be found. Countrywide streamlines its administration so that people get the help they need as soon as possible. We also allow for as many phone calls on a given situation as needed, and face-to-face consultations can be arranged conveniently. The attorney will also make phone calls and write correspondence on behalf of a plan member. Everything is done to ensure that government support is secured as effortlessly as possible.

The government does not exist to create migraine headaches. The type of service that comes from public agencies will make the lives of many people far better. Countrywide makes sure that delays for problems do not frustrate the person’s efforts. People can get what is required from the government without any problem. Our other options are also designed to help with many of the legal issues people confront in our society. We encourage decision-makers to contact us we can discuss with them how our group legal plan is one of