Don’t Allow Deductibles to Frighten You – Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services Will Help You Deal with Them


The Los Angeles Times recently reported about a growing dissatisfaction with medical deductibles. Middle-class families are being squeezed by deductibles of $5000 or more. These costs can result in financial wellness emergencies as people struggle to pay a sizable bill.

The Increasing Debt Load

Deductibles are reinstated annually. If you paid all the deductible of your insurance policy in 2018, you started 2019 with the entire deductible required payment once again. This renewal will impact treatment and therapy which crosses over into the new year. It explains why the cost of a medical procedure can be thousands of dollars despite existing health insurance.

People get nervous when the final medical bill shows up. The stress level increases if  bill collectors start calling. Hasty decisions about paying can damage anyone’s financial wellness. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services appreciates how desperate some folks might become. We have a benefit that can ease a person’s troubled mind and prevent the wrong choices from being made.

Offering Reliable Financial Wellness Advice

Not all advice is the best. Those with no experience often rely on internal chat or advice from friends who do not understand finances. Countrywide does not use amateurs when offering help. We know that only experienced and knowledgeable people should be consulted.

We have a nationwide network of certified counselors. These are financial professionals who are familiar with the financial wellness problems people face. They assist in finding ways to handle a deductible crisis.

Folks pay a stiff price for not knowing what to do. A Countrywide counselor can put some common fears to rest. These money experts know that healthcare providers are willing to work with people and will create payment plans with reasonable interest rates. The counselors also know how to handle bill collectors.

A budget analysis provides data required for a plan of action. This advisory will alert the counselor to opportunities for fine-tuning and adjusting cash flow. The adjustments will release funds to pay the medical bills. A Countrywide professional can help create an affordable payment schedule for the plan member. Additional guidelines offered by the counselors will help the individual in future dealings with healthcare providers and the health insurance company.

Employers are Part of the Design

Countrywide has financial wellness benefits that people can use, but not everybody will use all our options. We do not want to design a plan that few employees are going to utilize. We don’t know employee preferences and we ask employers to help. Decision-makers will inspect our offerings and we explain each option carefully. The client will then select what benefits will be in their plan and those choices will be part of the final document.

What is included in our services is a commitment to superior attention to the members. People can be very embarrassed by their financial situation and do not want to appear stupid or not able to pay their bills. Countrywide counselors understand the emotions of a person and do not lecture or criticize. Instead, our professionals show a high-level emotional intelligence and understanding as they guide a person to solutions. We expect our counselors to sympathize with problems and get solutions for them. It is easy to arrange for face-to-face meeting with a Countrywide counselor because Countrywide financial wellness plan members receive priority treatment. Our clients welcome the attention and respect their employees receive from Countrywide.

You might have a few questions about our options, and we would welcome any opportunity to explain them to you. We want to be of help and encourage you to contact us at your earliest convenience. We will gladly explain all our benefit options and how these provide meaningful benefits for your employees. Countrywide looks forward to hearing from you.