Don’t Let Medical Debt Destroy You – Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services Prevents a Disaster


A major threat to financial wellness is panic. A person gets a sizable bill in the mail and his or her anxiety spikes. A hasty decision is made that only makes matters worse. One source of alarm is medical bills.

A One-Two Punch

Healthcare costs are not going down despite efforts to control the inflation. Deductibles are growing as employers try to reign in premium costs and new therapies are expensive. These pose a serious challenge to any individual.

People will get upset when they see the bill. Hasty decisions include paying off the entire bill (which can drain life savings}, taking out a loan(which might not be necessary), or using a credit card to pay the debt(generating sizable interest charges each month). The main problem is not knowing the best way to deal with medical debt. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services knows how medical bills harm financial wellness. We offer a benefit to help manage those medical costs.

Information Is a Major Benefit

Countrywide provides more than a website with financial tips. We work with a nationwide network of certified counselors who possess substantial expertise. Scheduling face-to-face meetings with a Countrywide counselor is not a problem.

The counselor knows about mistakes people make when trying to manage medical debt. Counselors will share important information such as:

  • Never Use a Credit Card to Pay Medical Bills. Medical procedures and hospital stays can cost thousands of dollars. The monthly interest charges alone will generate enormous balances and swamp a person’s finances
  • The EOB Is Not an Invoice. And EOB (Explanation of Benefits) is only that. It tells a person the cost of medical procedures BEFORE the insurance company pays its share. There is no need to pay the EOB amount.
  • Communicate with the Healthcare Provider. Telephone calls from bill collectors are terrifying. A person should contact the health care provider and let the facility know that payments will be coming once the insurance company has paid its share of the bill. That telephone call alone can stop the bill collection harassment.
  • Ask About Payment Plans. Communication opens doors. Many hospitals have payment plans with substantially lower interest rates than a credit card. A Countrywide counselor will help a financial wellness plan member establish an affordable payment plan.

Such advice and guidance can calm stormy waters. The suggestions can steer a Financial Wellness Plan member in the direction of sensible payments on medical debt. No one must feel overwhelmed by the cost of necessary healthcare. A Countrywide counselor will show how to address the situation calmly and with a practical approach.

Selecting the Financial Wellness Benefits

Organizations have a diverse workforce whose needs may differ. It is important that financial wellness benefits be used by as many people as possible. Countrywide asks clients to select those options which they feel should be in the plan document. We believe this is the best way to assure that all employees will take advantage of what Countrywide offers.

All clients can be assured their employees will be given some of the best member services possible. Countrywide counselors have high levels of emotional intelligence. They show empathy and courtesy to every plan member and look for solutions. We do not want any Countrywide counselor to give a sermon to a plan member. Instead, we want those financial professionals to share their wisdom and expertise with plan members and help them out of any problems.

You may have some questions about the Countrywide plan. We would like to hear them, and we would appreciate responding to your inquiries. Please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience and ask all the questions you like. We welcome being able to show how our benefits will help all employees.