It’s a Question of Fairness – Consumers Have Rights


Consumer protection is not intended to be a corporate headache. It is a means by which any company, including a service provider, is held accountable for its marketing claims. Promises of high-quality efficiency are used to encourage consumers to purchase goods and services. Consumer protection law guarantees these assurances are kept.

Group legal plans should help with consumer protection. People are often frustrated by inferior products. They are not able to properly file a consumer protection complaint, and this adds fuel to an angry fire. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services wants to help folks with consumer-related issues. We offer consumer protection services as a group legal plan benefit option.

Making the Case

Consumer protection claims require forms to be completed and the right evidence provided. Tantrums will not accomplish anything. Countrywide has a national network of skilled attorneys who practice in the local community. They provide highly professional pre-paid legal services to plan members.

Our attorneys advise a group legal plan member on how to draft a complaint and what evidence is required. All deadlines are kept, and the right information goes to the right place. There are secondary Countrywide pre-paid legal services that enhance efficiency. Attorneys can write letters and make telephone calls on behalf of the plan member, making it easier to collect important information and share data with the right public agency.

Warranties are a means of paying for repairs, but these documents aren’t always clear. Dishonest vendors rely on people not understanding the text and might refuse to honor a purchased warranty. It is how these merchants avoid paying for damage. Countrywide can help with warranties. It happens that a letter or telephone call from a Countrywide attorney often persuades the store to honor its warranty commitments.

Additional Services add Quality

Countrywide offers additional service to make the major benefit that more efficient. It is very easy to set up a face-to-face meeting with a Countrywide attorney and our group legal plan members get priority treatment. We know that not every question is answered in a conference with a lawyer. Therefore, we permit our plan members to make as many telephone calls on a given situation to the Countrywide lawyer. People get a better understanding of what is going on and how services are going to be provided with these follow-up questions. It adds to the overall satisfaction plan members have with Countrywide.

We Ask Clients to Help

It is our overall goal to have a benefit plan that all employees can use. It creates additional value to the Countrywide services. We know that diverse workforces have different needs and some of these might not include certain Countrywide benefits. We ask clients to select from among our benefit options those pre-paid legal services which they feel their employees will use. Those benefit options which are not selected are therefore not part of the plan. We respect the decisions of our clients and their selections will be part of the final plan.

Our services include a streamlined administration of all the activity. It is easy to request help and the assistance is delivered in a timely fashion. Our lawyers are well-versed in the law, but they go one step beyond that. They assist with empathy. Emotional intelligence is something that we want all our associates to have and use in dealing with plan members. We are proud of our ability to provide service with understanding.

People have every right to good service and high-quality products. That is the crux of consumer protection and Countrywide works to make sure group legal plan members are not cheated by unscrupulous vendors. Our attorneys can offer the kind of support necessary to process a consumer protection complaint and have warranties honored. If you have any questions about our services, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. We welcome the chance to explain Countrywide to you in greater detail.