Eliminating Document Confusion – It Requires Document Review


Legal documents can be stressful. The average employee does not understand the verbiage and is easily frustrated. The greatest danger is to sign a document without understanding the obligations or consequences buried within the paperwork.

Common Problems

Some issues make legal documents a pain in the neck.

*Outdated or Invalid Forms. Landlords who own properties in several states may use an out of state lease, which is invalid. These documents might not include current information required by recent changes in the law. The tenant is thus being held accountable for a paper that has no legal standing.

*Misspelling or Using the Wrong Words. It frequently happens when people make drafting legal documents a DIY project. Contract law requires specific terms that must be used. Misspellings and the wrong words can make a binding text worth less than the paper it is written on.

*General Confusion. A layperson gets confused by some of the clauses. He or she cannot figure out what the language means, and it causes problems. Warranties will specify terms and what parts are allowed in repair work. A company will not honor a warranty that uses the wrong parts. Not everyone is aware of that.

Problems with legal documents make people hesitate to sign a paper that might benefit them. Group legal plans will offer legal document review, but the quality of service may not be the best. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services will allow Group Legal Plan members to get legal documents reviewed from highly professional lawyers.

Paying Attention to Detail

A nationwide network of attorneys enables Countrywide to have one in a client organization’s community. A Countrywide lawyer will review documents up to six pages long as a Pre-Paid Legal Services benefit.

The attorney knows where to look for problems. This legal professional spots errors and points out where corrections are essential. It is a smart idea to have legal counsel review a document before signing it. Unfortunately, a Group Legal Plan member sometimes forgets and signs an invalid lease.

Countrywide provides secondary pre-paid legal services that help. Our lawyers may write letters on legal stationery or make telephone calls on behalf of the Group Legal Plan member. The other party is thereby informed the document is worthless, and a new one, with the required improvements, must be used instead.

Our Legal Document Review Has the Human Touch

Our Group Legal Plan lawyers are legal experts with great people skills. Plan members get priority treatment and arranging a face-to-face meeting is simple. Folks many times are a little bit embarrassed seeking needed assistance. There is no need to worry when it comes to Countrywide. We will hire lawyers based on their ability to empathize with plan members. No question is considered foolish, and Plan members can telephone a Countrywide lawyer as many times as necessary on a given subject.

Employers Participate 

We ask that clients tell us what pre-paid legal services benefits they want to have in their Plan. We will gladly explain all our options and we do not advocate one benefit over another. Clients get precisely what they believe their employees need. We back up those selections with streamlined administration that puts a person first. Our existing clients and always compliment us on both quick service and lawyers who show a genuine concern about the problems that a plan member is confronting.

We dedicate ourselves to quality in our member services, and we expect our attorneys to do their very best. Legal document review is a  standard benefit and it has helped many people sign documents that are in their best interests without any unnecessary stipulations. If you have a question about our benefits, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. We welcome any opportunity to explain how we can help employees.