Handling the Medical Bill – It Can Be Easy


Medical emergencies are often unexpected. They cause people to spend extended time in a hospital bed and undergo lengthy therapy afterwards. It all adds up to a very sizable bill. People will panic over the size of the invoice, but they should be careful about taking drastic measures that might damage financial wellness. There are several ways to handle that medical bill.

Some Options

  1. Medical Credit Cards

Healthcare providers may have a credit card option, where the patient signs up for medical credit card with the provider. It doesn’t take long for approval and this type of plastic is ordinarily for medical situations.

  1. A Payment Plan

Healthcare providers want their money, but they can be flexible about how they get it. Payment plans can be arranged and are paid off over a period instead of with one lump sum.

  1. Negotiation

A medical bill is not always a take it or else proposition. There can be some flexibility as far as negotiating the medical bill, but it helps to have a professional who can suggest ways to deal with the debt. An experienced advocate can point out possible errors and uncover where the provider has accidentally overcharged.

  1. Constant Communication with the Healthcare Facility

Healthcare providers will refer an unpaid bill to a collection agency. You can end those annoying calls and threats by telling the provider you are waiting for the insurance company to make its final decisions about coverage.

Personal Circumstances Matter

The above are a few options for managing medical debt and there are others. An individual’s financial wellness determines which remedy is selected. An ordinary employee is unaware of medical debt management and needs help choosing. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has a program that gives needed assistance.

Financial Wellness Professionals

We have a nationwide network of certified counselors who are  experts in financial matters. At least one counselor is in the community of a Countrywide client.

The counselor will look at a Plan member’s financial wellness status. A budget analysis will identify if  there is any cash available to pay the medical bills. An asset inventory uncovers those assets which can be sold. The counseling will use the financial information to map out a course of action.

This money professional recommends tactics to successfully handle medical debt. How a Plan member can negotiate is explained, and the counselor will show how to establish payment plans, identify possible mistakes in the bill, and the pros and cons of medical credit cards. Our counselor uses strategies which are proven to be successful.

It happens that people are a bit nervous about dealing with a third-party. A medical bill can be thousands of dollars and an individual might be afraid that a mistake could end up destroying his or her personal credit rating. Our counselors are aware of this hesitation.

We select our counselors on financial acumen and emotional intelligence. Countrywide counselors are patient with everyone, and no question is considered stupid. The counselor is expected to find solutions and not preach sermons to anyone. The empathy of our counselors is favorably noticed by our clients. People feel comfortable in dealing with the Countrywide professional.

The Clients Have a Say

We have several benefit options that can help an ordinary person deal with financial wellness problems. Our clients understand what their workforce needs, and we seek the input of an organization’s decision-makers. Those executives help us design a plan that is tailor-made for individual employees. The choices are part of the final plan document and we provide a streamlined administration that operates efficiently and quickly. We have a reputation for great financial wellness service and any of our clients will attest that.

Medical expenses don’t need to get out of hand. They can be paid without a lot of panic. It only takes the help of a Countrywide professional to make things better. If you have any questions about our services, please feel free to contact us. We welcome any questions you might have for us.