It is Worth the Gamble – Countrywide Helps with a House Buying Decision


A significant financial investment is a gamble. It might pay off, but it also could bring negative consequences. The largest purchase an ordinary employee makes is a house. A first-time buyer is justifiably nervous about the impact on his or her financial wellness.


What Should I Do?


Real estate is an intriguing world with a unique vocabulary. Fixer-upper, distressed sales, rent to buy and FHA loans have definitions most people don’t know. It makes purchasing a house exciting but also a little stressful.


Mortgage loans can be sophisticated. Variable interest rates and balloon mortgages might appear sensible, but they triggered the housing collapse of the Great Recession of 2008. Buying property in the wrong location will create domestic problems and buying to flip a house can be a disaster.

Folks will pay dearly for what they do not know.


The language when purchasing a house must not be a complete mystery or else there’s a chance of financial loss. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services appreciates the stress of first-time buyer experiences. Our Financial Wellness Plan is available to teach house buying novices.


Make Your Move Is Excellent!


Countrywide has a self-study program, “Make Your Move.” It details all the essential points about buying a house. The main characters identified in real estate terminology are explained, and a student learns quickly how to make intelligent buying decisions.


A Strong Financial Wellness Plan


Countrywide will do more than teach. Our nationwide network of certified counselors can help the financial planning behind buying a house.


Mortgage payments will impact a personal budget. A Countrywide counselor can do a budget analysis which will show ways to afford a monthly house payment. The initial down payment will influence that monthly figure. A Countrywide asset inventory uncovers what a Plan member can sell to get a large down payment.


Clients Create a Plan


Financial wellness is a benefit gaining in popularity. Forward-thinking organizations want to help employees, and anything that improves their finances is appreciated. We do not know what a client’s workforce needs, and we require some help. We ask the client to look at our options and tell us which ones should be part of their Plan. We will explain all our services, but we do not try to influence decision-making. Whatever the client wants will be part of their Plan.


Additional Services Generate High Quality


We provide other services that enhance our primary offerings. Countrywide counselors are in the client’s community, and our Plan members are given priority treatment. Our administration is deliberately streamlined for the sake of the members. No one is required to wait long periods to get the help from Countrywide that they requested.


Countrywide is a firm believer in the need for empathy. People are sometimes embarrassed in discussing their financial wellness issues. They don’t want to look stupid or immature. Countrywide insists that the counselors demonstrate a high level of emotional intelligence.

Stern lectures and sermons are not part of the Countrywide program. Our counselors listen patiently to what the Financial Wellness Plan member wants, and then those financial professionals will strive to meet the needs.


We are proud of the fact that our clients are delighted with how their employees are treated by Countrywide. Those organizations have a right to expect the highest level of service from us, and we work hard to deliver it.


Owning a house is more than just having a home for many people. It is a sign of success and visible proof that hard work has paid off. Our Plan members are given the help they want to secure that piece of land and the building they dream about.


If you have any questions about our benefits, we ask you to contact us at your convenience. We believe we have a benefit program your employees will use and enjoy.