Escaping From The Confusion-Countrywide Helps in Dealing with Bureaucracies


Government bureaucracy can be a world of confusion. People dealing with the government spend a lot of time filling out forms and applications. Failure to properly fill in the blanks or provide information can send the process back to square one. Group legal plans should offer help with government agencies but not all do. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services, however, will help plan members deal with government

A Frustrating Process

Challenges arise in dealing with multiple layers of bureaucracy. Permission for a license may require filing with local government and then a state agency. A missed deadline is frustrating. Countrywide uses attorneys to provide group legal plan services that solve problems.

Our attorneys have worked with government agencies and know the process. These professionals know who to contact, what information is needed, and about any deadlines. Their advice has helped many plan members navigate the bureaucratic maze. The best thing about the Countrywide network is the location of the attorneys. There is at least one close by who can help with local problems that need assistance.

It is easy to ask questions of Countrywide lawyers. Face-to-face meetings are a pre-paid legal services benefit and many take advantage of it. People have so many questions to ask and they will get answers from the Countrywide attorney. Nevertheless, sometimes a person forgets to ask a very important question. It is possible to ask follow-up questions by telephone: an unlimited number of calls to the attorney are allowed by Countrywide. It is a means by which we provide as much information as a person needs.

We Assist Foreign Employees with Public Agency Issues

Frustration and anxiety will cause anyone to vent. It takes skill and patience to deal with an upset client. Our lawyers listen and will not lecture. They will address the problem once the plan member is calm. Countrywide will then move quickly.

Our high standards of service are appreciated by foreign workers. They are here on H1-B visas and don’t understand American bureaucracy. We will break down language and cultural barriers that obstruct solutions. Our lawyers explain everything carefully to the foreign visitors. The help received means a lot and these folks are grateful for our pre-paid legal services.

It should not be a surprise that our services complement each other. Document review dovetails with government assistance and the same is true with consumer protection services. Clients can easily maximize the value of their group legal plan for their employees

They are able because Countrywide permits choice. We feel that the employer has a better understanding of their workers than we do. A client may select options that are demographically sensitive and are what the employees need. We understand that not every one of our legal options will be selected. We respect that and will not push any particular service. We want that final plan document to provide the service and assistance the plan members require.

Countrywide provides efficient services for our all our pre-paid legal services options. Our administration is streamlined to respond quickly to any request for help. Every one of our group legal plan members gets priority treatment.

They also get secondary services which are the best in the industry. Our lawyers are able to write letters on behalf of clients to public employees, explain the situation and find answers to questions. The attorneys are also able to make telephone calls on behalf of our group legal plan members. We will go the distance to help.

We have helped organizations of all sizes for more than 30 years and we intend to do it for many years to come. We want to be able to explain our benefits and ask any questions a prospective client might have. Therefore, we invite you to contact us at your earliest convenience. We can tell you all about the Countrywide benefits and how your employees are going to benefit from a relationship with us.