Financial Wellness is a Necessary Employee Benefit

It Can End Employee Worry



You may think of financial wellness is not important, but MetLife disagrees. A survey conducted a few months ago by this company indicates that employees are increasingly more concerned about financial wellness. It is a benefit trend that may be picking up speed in 2018. Employers must look at this as more than just a boutique benefit. Their employees certainly consider it essential.

Employees Will Worry About Finances

Financial anxiety peaks in January. The reasons are quite simple: 1. The six-month grace period on college loans is over for the new graduates, and they face having to pay back on the loans. 2. Credit card balances from Christmas holidays show up. It’s enough to drive anybody off the wall. A New Year’s resolution for fiscal austerity may go out the window rather quickly.

That isn’t the only cause of heightened feelings. The housing market is now becoming more favorable for buyers, but not everybody knows how to buy a home. This lack of understanding can make people wonder if they could ever own a house and increases their anxiety. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has a financial wellness program for employees. This plan not only helps people with certain problems but also educates them on various things they can do.

Countrywide Offers Professional Service

We make use of the expertise certified counselors have. These professionals are part of the Countrywide network, and they help in various areas. It might be education on buying a house, better handling of credit card debt or finding out more about individual assets. Countrywide counselors use a budget analysis to help a financial wellness plan member better understand the personal finances. The counselors give suggestions on how to do a better job of managing personal budgets

There are circumstances in which a planned member is in serious difficulty. Personal finances may have gotten so far out of control that this person is looking at possible foreclosure or bankruptcy. Countrywide does not want that to happen. Our counselors have the responsibility of pointing out various other options for the person.
and making decisions on paying bills or saving for special purchases.

The Countywide counselor often provides insights not ordinarily known by a person in financial trouble. There can be a situation where things have gotten so far out of control that a debt management plan is recommended. This will cost a little bit more, but additional services are provided to the person. Frankly, the debt management plan is a better alternative than bankruptcy and keeps a person’s credit rating in good order.

Clients Get High Quality Help

Obviously, people have different needs based on their condition. One person may want help with medical bills while another needs support in paying back college loans. Countrywide accommodates this by offering a variety of benefit options. We understand that organizations are different as well. Workforce demographics may favor one benefit over another therefore we allow clients to choose.

The choice is something we have successfully used with our group legal plans, and Countrywide offers the same with the financial wellness program. Organizations can look at all our benefit options and decide which ones ought to be in the plan document. We include those in the final paperwork along with our guarantee of service. Countrywide has a reputation for providing the best member service in the industry. Our counselors understand the Countrywide plan member gets priority. Furthermore, anyone who works with us must show high levels of courtesy and respect. Countrywide will settle for nothing less.
Financial wellness is something that could tilt the scales in favor an organization welcomes time to hiring very talented people. The Countrywide program does not require an employer to provide any money to an employee. Instead, Countrywide offers the advice, guidance, and suggestions to help a person get out of trouble. Our options are intended to help people with everyday problems. We encourage decision-makers to contact us and find out more about the Countrywide program. They will quickly discover we have precisely w