Identity Theft Is Looking Over Your Shoulder

The Holiday Season is Full of Thievesindex


Holiday shopping brings out the best and the worst in people. In this season of giving there’s also some underhanded taking going on. It can be someone standing behind you in line at the point-of-sale. That person is looking over your shoulder and memorizing your credit card number or your debit card number. It doesn’t take much more for that person to hack into your accounts and start doing a little illegal shopping. Group legal plans often provide a base program and nothing else. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal services is different. We do offer group legal plan benefits, but we also have a means to protect your identity.

Time Helps the Thief

Christmas bills do not show up on credit cards until January. It gives an identity thief plenty of time to make some mischief. This individual can easily max out your credit card with purchases, selling the stuff on eBay or from a car trunk. You don’t know the damage until weeks later. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offer protection using email alerts. These Internet sent warnings tell an individual that there’s been some unusual activity on the credit card, allowing the owner to take corrective action immediately. These alerts come from the three top credit reporting bureaus and are highly reliable.

A successful breach of identity can devastate an individual’s credit rating. It can also take months to restore financial wellness finally. Countrywide offers help with restoring credit, and the degree of support depends on the plan selected. Our group legal plan benefits allow a client choice, and we do the same with our identity theft service. A client may choose from our two plants: Premier Identity Theft Protector or Platinum Identity Theft Protector. Each has unique services, but both have a $25,000 theft insurance benefit.

Identity Theft Repair Centers on Good Service

Restoring credit reliability is not cheap. The victim can incur all kinds of legal fees as well as processing and administrative costs. That insurance policy makes it easier to deal with financial hassles that may surface.

Employers need to take identity theft seriously. Employees are vulnerable to cyber-attack or from over the shoulder identity snatching. Anyone who is forced to deal with such an assault is going to have high levels of anxiety, resulting from a vulnerability they may not have experienced before. It can affect the productivity of hard-working Associates.

Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services is a firm believer in providing not only great benefits but superior service as well. The victim of an identity theft is frightened, and needs support sensitive to their condition. Countrywide staff members are selected for empathy and personal skills as well as efficiency. Anyone involved with the identity theft benefit will take the time necessary to help a person explore options, and feel a little more confident about credit recovery.

The same high-quality we provide in our group legal plan benefits will be used in identity theft activity. We are committed to finding solutions to the problem and making the person feel safe once again.

We Can Counter Identity Theft

Identity theft must be taken seriously. It is a billion-dollar industry and is the fastest-growing crime in the United States. It isn’t just stolen wallets. Bank accounts are compromised, and it is estimated one out of every ten consumers is a victim. The time spent correcting identity theft will be up to 200 hours or more. It is time taking away from productive work.

Organizations have an opportunity to provide a real service and benefit to employees. The holiday season is a time when thieves are hard at work. Those same felons are busy all during the year, however. Any opportunity to protect employees from such attacks on their personal information is going to be appreciated by the staff. We invite decisions makers to contact us and discover the benefit of working with Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services