Debt Management Can Save a Person’s Budget

Countrywide Offers Proactive Strategies



College students often live in a ramen noodle atmosphere where money is scarce. It comes as a pleasant shock when the same people land their first real job and start getting paychecks. Flush with cash, they start spending, and the spending can get out-of-control. Reality hits when the six-month grace period ends, and it is time to start paying down the college debt.

Financial wellness can be stressed because spending habits have settled in just as the loan repayment cycles begin. Millennials who have used credit cards in the past to buy groceries are now using them for other purchases, and that simply drives the debt higher. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services wants to help a person get out of what is turning into a financial sinkhole. We have a financial wellness program that can do a lot to correct the situation. Countrywide has a nationwide network of certified financial counselors. These professionals work with plan members to sturdy the boat. A budget analysis is the first part of the service. The results might not be encouraging.

The Debt Management Plan May Be the Only Remedy

The counselor takes a careful look at income and expenses in that budget analysis. It may be determined that the problems have become desperate. In a situation where things look hopeless, the counselor may recommend the debt management plan of Countrywide. Debt management has additional services and ongoing counseling. It is recommended in dire circumstances. A person may have to swallow pride to accept this financial wellness benefit. However, the alternative can be drastic.

A plan member may be facing bankruptcy or foreclosure. Either can result in credit ratings being damaged seriously. The debt management plan can prevent a catastrophe. Various strategies and tactics can be suggested and employed to get a person out of danger.

Empathy is a Countrywide Quality

Countrywide counselors know how sensitive the situation is. These professionals understand there are feelings involved and they do not wish to embarrass any client. We choose our counselors based on their personal skills as well as financial wellness expertise. Advice is given carefully with a lot of sympathy and encouragement. It is always up to the plan member to decide. He or she can take the advice or not. It is important to remember that the suggestions are coming from somebody who has dealt with these problems before successfully.

Employers know that a desperate financial situation will impact an employee’s ability to perform. It is not easy to concentrate on projects when foreclosure is staring at a person. At the same time, organizations want to get the very best value out of any employee benefit. Countrywide makes certain there is a great return on investment by allowing the client to choose.

We Offer Selection and Superior Service

Whatever the employer feels is necessary to be part of the financial wellness plan is what will be in the document. We are committed to giving superior service and fast attention. All our counselors know that the Countrywide plan member must receive priority over everyone else when it comes to service. We expect nothing less than that. The sensitivity we show to clients and their employees are a primary reason why Countrywide is a leader in the industry.

The debt management plan is for someone who is overwhelmed by debt and financial obligations. Countrywide can set the record straight and put the person back on solid financial ground.

Our financial wellness program is deliberately designed to help people deal with everyday financial emergencies. Any of our benefit options will solve problems that may initially seem too great to handle. Prospective clients need to see these options and determine if they are acceptable to the organization’s workforce. We encourage decision-makers to contact us and ask questions about our benefits. We believe we offer something every employee will want to have.