Forbearance and Bankruptcy are Poor Choices

                                                                                There are Other Ways Out of Debt Trouble

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A recent college graduate does not always have the tools necessary to deal with financial challenges. College debt is a major issue. Many people leave college with debt well into the five figures and are not quite sure how to handle it. Regrettably, they sometimes take the easy way out. It can jeopardize financial wellness. The most common steps taken are to use forbearance or, in extreme cases, declaring bankruptcy. Forbearance essentially allows a college graduate to put off until tomorrow the debt which is owed today. This does not make the obligation go away. Instead, it means that college debt is something that takes years more to pay off.

Extreme Action Is Not Necessary

Bankruptcy is the last desperate act of a terribly frustrated person. It seems to be the only way to get rid of a major problem, but it can train wreck credit. Bankruptcy comes back to haunt the person when they try to buy a house. Advice and guidance are the tools needed to protect financial wellness in the face of college debt. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offers this kind of help.

What many college graduates don’t know is that both public and private lenders are willing to work with them. It is more important for these institutions to get their money eventually and they do not want to deal with bankruptcy issues. Countrywide has a network of certified counselors who concentrate on financial wellness. These are professionals who understand the ins and outs of managing college debt.

Our counselors are aware that these new employees are not familiar with financing. They will not lecture the plan member but look for solutions. A person can be assured that he or she is going to be respected and treated with professional courtesy. It is something that Countrywide insists on. Furthermore, because the dilemma is not something that will be allowed to gather dust in the file. Our counselors know that a Countrywide plan member is to be placed at the top of the list and given highest priority. The wait for service is not very long at all.

Employers May Choose

Employers value the knowledge and expertise a college graduate brings to the workforce. These young people have the kind of energy needed to boost productivity. Obstacles to that enthusiasm must be addressed. Financial wellness is a grave concern of theirs, and progressive companies move to provide the right help.

We encourage our clients to choose. Countrywide understands that the workforce of the client organization can be very diverse. Some have a lot of recent college graduates and others do not. It is essential a benefit offers the best service for as many as possible. Financial wellness comes in various shapes and sizes for people. Some may need help with their personal budgets, and others would like to know more about how to finance a house. The Countrywide program has several options that can be looked and the client may decide upon.

The immediate response Countrywide delivers is based on an administration that is proactive. Countrywide deliberately streamlines its process to keep things moving. Any financial wellness plan member receives the same kind of attention no matter what the job title. Those problems a person has with finances have solutions. We will help find them.

Managing college debt is the greatest financial challenge a person faces after graduation. It does not have to be a terrifying obstacle. With the right type of advice, an individual can devise means of handling the situation. Countrywide is here to help people deal with the debt obligation, and discover ways to pay everything successfully. Combined with the other options, we have a very comprehensive program that can provide serious value. We encourage decision-makers to contact us to find out more.