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Countrywide Has a Referral System




Social media was primarily something worked on in dorm rooms 15 years ago. Today, it is a major force in American culture and it is the source of a lot of litigation. There are new laws and court cases regarding the use of social media and not all attorneys know what to do. Some, however, have become experts in this type of jurisprudence. They are not ordinary lawyers and they command large fees. They’re the kind of attorneys that most group legal plans do not have in their networks.
Legal Referrals Are Sometimes Necessary

Regrettably, not every general practitioner in the law courts is familiar with the laws and rules governing special areas of law. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has a nationwide network of attorneys, but we readily admit there are certain areas of the law that requires special help. If we do not have attorneys that are expert in certain situations, we have no problem making referrals.

Anyone may wonder why we do this. After all, regular Countrywide attorneys are not going to get business from it. Why bother with referrals? The reason is straightforward. Our group legal plan benefit is intended to serve the members. If it happens that we cannot provide help in one area, we have no problem making referrals. However, we have expectations of those to whom we send business.

What We Expect

These referrals are not unconditional. The attorney who receives business from a Countrywide group legal plan member is expected to do a few things:

1. Give the Countrywide member a 25% discount on hourly and scheduled rates;
2. Contingency fee cases such as personal injury will have a 10% discount from the standard contingency;
3. There to be no hidden costs or charges;
4. Countrywide gets a detailed fee schedule from each firm in the referral network as part of an individual agreement.
There are no hidden surprises. Both Countrywide and the pre-paid legal services plan member knows what to expect and have an assurance that will be reduced fees. In return, a specialized lawyer gets business and the Countrywide individual gets extremely good service. It is essentially a win-win situation.

The other attorneys are also expected to behave the same way as a Countrywide attorney providing prepaid legal services. A plan member is to be given priority and not required to wait unreasonable amount of time for attention. Additionally, the Countrywide plan member gets the same level of respect and courtesy we require from those in our ordinary national attorney network.

Superior Service is a Countrywide Standard

We have several pre-paid legal services that organizations should consider. The options are intended to help people with legal matters such as drafting wills, getting help with public agencies, and advising consumer protection. Every service is meant to help with legal situations.

Countrywide hopes that what we offer assists all the workforce. We try to guarantee that by allowing clients to choose what options we part of their group legal plan. Decision-makers can choose, and we will insert them into the final plan document.

We make certain people receive services with the best benefit ministration in the industry. We continually seek to improve on an already high standard.
We provide great pre-paid legal services, but we admit that we cannot cover every single need. We don’t stand on pride to try to find alternatives for our plan members. It us why we have the referral system in our group legal plan. Other vendors may not allow this, but we certainly do. It is one of our many benefits we give to our clients.

Decision makers may be curious about the Countrywide program and we welcome inquiry. It is an opportunity to explain better the service we can furnish. We encourage you to contact us at your earliest convenience and find out more.