Know Your Value

It Helps You Get Necessary Financing




Allowance and stipend were the primary sources of income for many Millennials in their college years. Everything becomes different when these young people accept their first full-time jobs. There’s a paycheck coming in, considerably larger than the amount of money they used to get, and there’s a feeling of financial importance. It is essential to understand material value, regardless of what a person thinks about property. Financial wellness is influenced by what you know about your money.

It is easy for a person to discover his or her real value with the right tools. Not every benefits vendor has them, but a financial wellness plan sponsored by Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services does. We have what is necessary to help a person look at their complete financial picture.

Banks Must Know Your Worth

Determining overall financial value is not a self-centered ego trip. Millennials must understand their financial wellness before they make significant purchases such as a house. In fact, lending institutions will insist on knowing what assets an individual may have before approving a loan. Our counselors can help develop information needed to secure such financing.

Countrywide works with a nationwide network of certified counselors. These people help others with their financial situation on a routine basis. The simplest thing they will do is perform a budget analysis for the person. It gives a better idea of where money is coming from and where it is going to in an individual’s budget. It can give some ideas as to where a person can do some cost savings, and what expenses can be better paid.

We also have an asset audit. This will look at insurance policies, stocks, bonds, property, and other assets an individual might have. It gives a complete inventory of a person’s value.

Debt Management May Be Required

Determining personal value does not always bring good news. The budget analysis may uncover some serious spending problems and income is not adequately covering costs. Worse still, the asset audit may note that a financial wellness plan member does not have what is necessary to pay for a sudden major expense. Fortunately, Countrywide has an option which will cover this emergency.

A debt management plan is part of our program. It permits ongoing counseling as well as other assistance in correcting financial distress. This benefit is going to cost a little bit more than the rest of the program. Nevertheless, it can be a valuable assistance for someone who is in serious trouble. The debt management plan can often prevent bankruptcy.

We have options that cover the financial situations people ordinarily face. These include helping people with their budgets, information about how to buy a house, suggestions on how to deal with medical bills, and assisting Millennials in coping with college debt.

We believe that any financial wellness plan must provide as much service as possible to a client’s workforce. Countrywide guarantees it will happen by letting clients choose the benefits. We explain each one of our offerings and the client determines what will be needed by the staff.

Countrywide Gives Superior Service

All of these are backed up with some of the best service in the industry. We insist that all Countrywide counselors give priority attention to plan members. We do not want anyone to have to wait extended periods of time for service needed. Just as with our group legal plans, we want anyone associated with Countrywide to show courtesy and respect. Those who cannot offer such special attention will not be part of our network.

We are quite proud of the financial wellness service we give to employees. We have a reputation for high quality and excellent attention. We encourage decision-makers to think about the Countrywide advantage as they consider benefits for employees. Please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience and find out more about Countrywide benefits.